Addy Awards 2016

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Students put their talents to the test this past month at the annual Pensacola American Advertising Federation (AAF) Addy Awards with 12 students receiving 9 gold, 10 silver, and a Judges Award.

Senior Maggie Michella (Indonesia) entered six pieces in the contest and won awards for each of them including a Judges Award—the highest award given at the contest. “This is definitely one of God's greatest blessings,” Maggie said. “I look at it as God's way in showing me that I am in the right field.”

Haley Cobb (’14; M.A. student, PA), entered the Addy Awards contest this year for the first time. She won three gold awards for her magazine advertisement, direct mailer, and illustration campaign entries. “It's definitely a great addition to my résumé,” she said. “It was also encouraging to see how well students from PCC did against students from other schools in the area.”

Wes Turner (’14; M.F.A. student, WA) designed three motivational posters that focused on building character traits in youth. “I wanted to focus on character traits that could be portrayed through animals,” he said. “Wisdom was characterized by an owl, fearlessness by a blue jay, and discernment by a hawk. I think the best thing about our program is we’re not just focused on creating designs, but on the practical application of that design.”

Students enjoyed a formal Addy Awards banquet where they were recognized for their outstanding accomplishments.

2016 Pensacola AAF winners

Judges Award
Maggie Michella (gold, silver)

Katie Barich
Haley Cobb
Jill Mitchell
Andrea Paredes
Andrew Wiseman

Eric Boggs
Elizabeth Brownell
Ben Kaiser
Wesley Turner
Madison Willis
Jonathan Yaputra

Photography credit: Cody Meadows

Published 4/05/2016