Concert on the Green

Eagle Field became a stage for the PCCymphony concert this fall—a patchwork quilt of blankets spread out and dotted with groups of people (and pizzas).

Voices buzzed excitedly through the air on that warm October evening. Just a hint of crisp wind whispered of a coming Floridian winter and carried the first low, enchanting keys of Jenkin’s Palladio across the field.

And with those starting notes, the audience had been captured.

“Concert on the Green was absolutely a joy to be a part of!” commented conductor Matheus Canada, “It was nice to see the members of the orchestra play off the energy that was in the crowd! And vice-versa!”

And there certainly was an energy to the night! The crowd favorite of the evening featured The Sound of Music medley, climaxing when the whole crowd joined together to sing along with “Do Re Mi.”

This is the second year for our Concert on the Green, and it has fast become a favorite event on campus!

Published 11/11/2016