Helpful Tips for New Freshmen


“A genius is often a talented person who has simply done all of his homework,” said inventor Thomas Edison. In other words, preparation is key to having a successful first year of college.

Spiritual preparation is the foundation according to Campus Post blog writer Carrie. “Coming to college is a difficult thing to do sometimes, but having a right relationship with God makes the transition so much smoother.”

This is just one of Carrie’s twelve tips to successful college preparation (which can be read by clicking the links below), along with other student posts that share insights for the first years. These tips have helped incoming freshmen—and even upperclassmen—maintain lasting friendships, spiritual growth, and educational success while in college.

College Prep
Things You Might Not Know about Becoming a PCC Student…
Carrie’s Guide to Preparing for PCC, Part 1
Carrie’s Guide to Preparing for PCC, Part 2
Carrie’s Guide to Preparing for PCC, Part 3

First Year
The First Week
The Fourth Floor

Classes and Teachers
Oh, Yes, the Joy of Classes!
More Than a Teacher
Dedicated to Excellence. Committed to Service.

Roommates and Friends
My Roommates, My Friends
Four Cultures. One Room.
Chai Tea and Friendship

Work on Campus
First In, Last Out
Outside the Classroom

What Are Collegians For, Anyway?
An Outstanding Collegian

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Published 7/15/2016