Running the Next Mile

“What more can we do?” Each year, the student body asks themselves this question as they prepare for the annual Missions Run. This year’s event began before the countdown to the race on College Field. Throughout the semester, the student body “adopted” the children at the Subic Bay Children’s Home in the Philippines—students wrote letters, donated money, and even learned a song in Tagalog to sing for the children.

Clay Cox (Soph., MI) said, “This time we got connected with the people we were helping out. When the Children’s Home found out that we were going to be sponsoring them, it thrilled them so much that they sang a song for us, and then we as a college sang it back to them. This is the first time that we got to develop somewhat of a relationship with them.”

As students invested in the children’s lives, their anticipation grew as the date of the actual run approached. Drew Carter (Sr., NC) said, “The Missions Run was a celebration of what we had already done. Before, we were just running—it was an event. But this year we actually got involved.”

On Friday, April 29, students, faculty, and staff gathered on College Field, waiting for the start signal. They sported T-shirts featuring the colors of the Filipino flag that read “Welcome to the Family,” along with colorful glow sticks. At 11 p.m., after the official countdown, over 3,000 runners took off, determined to run the course and finish strong.

AnaBelle Eidson (Jr., FL) said, “It’s very unifying, and I think that’s what stands out about it. We’re all unified in this purpose, and there’s so many of us. You can sense it, you can feel it, and I think it’s a great thing to be part of.”

This year’s winners were Alan Fitzer (15:45), Hunter Stuart (16:24), and Brandon Paffile (17:31) for the men and Amy Sibert (21:15), Camber Heinle (21:32), and Hannah Milhorn (21:52) for the women.

The Missions Run project raised $23,980.08 for the Subic Bay Children’s Home in the Philippines.

Published 5/5/2016