Nurses’ Pinning Ceremony 2016

Deft fingers fastened gold and blue pins to freshly starched white uniforms. Mothers embraced their graduates as fathers proudly looked on. Then the entire senior nursing class sang “Find Us Faithful,” giving testimony of their desire to serve God through their medical service to others.

This May—after completing their nursing program accredited by the CCNE—nearly 100 nursing students reached the pinnacle of their college career: the senior Nurses’ Pinning Ceremony. A longstanding tradition for nursing programs, the ceremony is a special time recognizing nursing graduates and officially welcoming them to the nursing field. The pins presented at this event are engraved with a cross along with the words “Strength,” “Truth,” and “Beauty.”

The graduates’ bright smiles disguised the late nights and early mornings, the hours spent in the nursing labs practicing with their peers, and their heavy hearts as they ministered both physically and spiritually to their patients during clinicals and preceptorships. To them, every moment of the past four years was worth it all. Graduate Faith Mackey (ME) said, “The nursing program pushed me to step away from what I was comfortable with to meet both the physical and spiritual needs of others. The teachers showed me what an awesome avenue nursing offers to be the hands and feet of Jesus and to share His love with individuals who are often at their greatest time of need.”

The ceremony was officiated by Dr. Raylene Cochran, academic vice president, and Dr. Denise McCollim, nursing department chair. Special speaker Mark Goetsch, known around campus for his dynamic messages, encouraged the graduates to use their abilities for God’s glory as they step out on their own.

Faith said, “To me, the Pinning Ceremony is a public commitment to practice the profession of nursing with integrity and to display complete devotion to the well-being of every individual I care for.”

A majority of this year’s nursing graduates have jobs lined up at hospitals and doctors’ offices, while others plan to pursue graduate degrees. Still others plan to take medical missions trips after graduation.

“The nursing faculty and I are very excited and proud to be sending forth another graduating class,” Dr. McCollim said. “It is exciting to send them out across the U.S. and around the world to continue sharing the love of Christ in the care they offer.”

Published 5/19/2016