Fine Arts Series: The Harmonious Strings of São Paulo

“Our son, Leonardo Jaffé, had the privilege of performing in England for Queen Elisabeth II. He is currently studying there at a prestigious music school.”

With that statement, Dr. Renata Jaffé Barbosa paused—and nearly 6,000 audience members leaned forward in their seats.

“But not tonight. Tonight, he is here.” And the audience exhaled as a young violinist strode briskly from backstage.

Violinist Leonardo Jaffé was not the only performer of the evening. The 32 members of the Harmonious Strings youth orchestra—directed by Maestro Dr. Daniel Misiuk Barbosa and Dr. Renata Jaffé Barbosa—gave PCC one of the most innovative musical performances yet!

Pieces like Anderson’s American classic “Fiddle Faddle” and the traditional Jewish “Hava Nagila” kept the audience on the edge of their seats while the musicians jumped out of theirs—literally. The group surprised the crowd over and over, incorporating synchronized movement, vocalization, and acting to bring out the unique colors of each piece.

“Students love them,” commented Abran Miller, a faculty member in the Performing Arts department. “It’s because when the Harmonious Strings comes to campus, they don’t just play the notes to the audience. They extend a hand; they invite us alongside to experience their pieces—they bring the music to life.”

Published 10/14/2016