New & Updated: Varsity and Commons

When students arrive this fall, they’ll have transformed facilities to enjoy. That’s because this summer the second phase of renovations was completed in the Varsity and the Commons, including the Palms and the Campus Store.

Both the Varsity and the Commons opened in 1982, quickly becoming two of the most widely used facilities on campus. Thirty years later, the time came to update the facilities significantly to better serve a new generation of students. So in August 2012, President Shoemaker sat down with architects to begin redesigning the two buildings.

Last summer, the first phase of renovations in PCC’s oldest dining facility was completed, including the removal of much of the Varsity’s circus-themed décor which had been installed in 2002. This summer, the interior received a reconfigured layout, aesthetic architectural elements, and of course new carpet. With the old salad carousels gone, a new salad bar was installed featuring a stacked stone design and an expanded selection of salad options.

Meanwhile in the Commons, the Palms moved from its original location into the space previously occupied by the Florida and Crest Rooms on the Varsity’s north end that overlooks the Commons Terrace. The Grille’s previous street café theme featured wrought iron awnings and indoor “patio” seating. The new interior brings an upscale, bistro-inspired style to the new, more spacious location. Outside, raised patio seating allows diners to enjoy their meals in Florida’s sunshine.

In the previous location of the Palms, two large meeting rooms and a display room took over the space and will be used for a variety of functions. Just steps away, the Campus Store received a complete makeover with a new layout, updated fixtures, and a curved checkout counter.

These improvements will enhance each student’s life as the College seeks to be good stewards of the facilities God has provided.

Published 8/30/2016