Performing Praise

Twice a semester, PCC students have the opportunity to minister to the Campus Church and fellow students through music and drama. Led by faculty, musical groups and dramatic performers direct hearts to reflect on spiritual truths.

Taken from Psalm 19:14, the focus of Sunday Reflections is to draw the audience and performers closer to the Lord. “We want the audience to pause and reflect on the blessings of God in their lives,” said Dr. Charlene Monk, an experienced PCC performance studies faculty member who oversees Sunday Reflections.

Although many hours of practice and hard work go into preparing each dramatic presentation and music selection for Sunday Reflections, senior Katie Stoup (AL) looks forward to worshipping God in this unique way. “It’s amazing to be able to stand in front of the entire student body and members of the Campus Church and use my talent for the Lord in a way that touches hearts,” she said.

After this past Sunday Reflections concluded, Campus Church Pastor Denis McBride stopped to thank the students for their hard work. “Sunday Reflections provides me with an opportunity to focus in a meditative way on some aspect of God’s majesty and goodness,” he said. Katie and the other performers appreciated knowing the influence of their ministry that Sunday. “It was really touching to know that the pastor cared and took the time to come and speak with us personally backstage,” said Katie.

Junior Moriah Phillips (AL) has participated in several Sunday Reflections, performing in a woodwind ensemble, flute quartet, and as a soloist. “It’s a blessing to use the gifts the Lord has given me to draw people closer to Him through music,” she said. “Sunday Reflections is a very direct way of using my gift.”

Graduate student Stephen Spilger (’16) has performed in Sunday Reflections throughout his undergraduate years as part of the Symphonic and Chamber choirs as well as singing solos. “It is such a privilege to be able to encourage my family in Christ as I sing,” he said. “I hope and pray that every time I sing, I’ll be a vessel that God can use to encourage and edify.”

Just as Sunday Reflections ministers to the audience, sometimes the viewers have an opportunity to minister to the performers after the service. After graduate student Mickayla Lewis (’15) performed a piece about resting in God, “a best friend relayed that her cousin was going through a hard time, and the piece I had performed encouraged her in such a big way.” For Mickayla, knowing that the piece had ministered to someone else reminded her of her purpose for performing. “This is my goal when I perform a Sunday Reflections piece,” she said, “to allow God to use my message to touch the audience’s hearts and teach them more of Him.”

Published 11/17/2016