Christmas Break 2017

The crisp winter breeze carries exciting, fresh energy into campus as students finish the semester. Christmas is near! To junior Kevin Labre (NY), winter break provides rest from the hectic everyday life. He said, “I can’t wait to see my family and come home. Winter break is such a good short pause for me, along with this Christmas cheer, to reflect on the things that matter most.”

“Christmas at home is centered on being with my family for Christmas day,” said Jonathan Valentin (Jr., IL). “As I have gotten older and especially since I left for college four years ago, Christmas with my family has become the greatest present I could get each Christmas.”

After experiencing their first semester ever, freshmen are eager to welcome the Christmas break. “Though it’s been a huge adjustment from high school, this break will be a short pause, a reset to refocus myself now that I know what I have to put in for the next semester,” Joshua Dudley (Fr., Puerto Rico) said.

For graduating seniors like Shante Charles (FL), winter break marks the end of their college years and the start of their professional careers. “I’m definitely excited about graduating,” she said. “It was a lot of work, but with God’s help and perseverance I was able to make it through. I am thrilled at the opportunity to go abroad and teach English in the Dominican Republic this upcoming semester.”

The PCC campus also hosts some activities during the break: some students will return early to take Interterm classes or work on campus, the Eagles basketball teams will compete with other colleges throughout the Southeast, and the Proclaim Ministry Teams will travel and minister to churches.

December graduate Billy Benjamin (TN), who will be starting his Graduate Assistant program this Interterm, says, “The break is going to be a nice relaxation, but it will also be a transitional period where I have to change my mindset to a higher level of learning and professional life.”

PCC wishes a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all our students and their families! We look forward to everyone’s arrival in the spring semester when classes begin January 23, 2018.

Published 12/15/2017