The Five Maestros of Brass

Hush—seconds passed before a surge of applause flooded the Crowne Centre as the Five took the stage. The American Brass Quintet featured Kevin Cobb and Louis Hanzlik on trumpets, Eric Reed on French horn, Michael Powell on tenor trombone, and John D. Rojak on bass trombone.

Anticipating the mood of the approaching Valentine’s Day, the Five began their performance by serenading the audience with Elizabethan Consort Music, love songs of the Royals, such as “I Go Before, My Darling” and “Oft Have I Vow’d.”

Darlene Ortiz, an M.B.A. graduate student, said, “I could easily see them playing for the Queen of England or in Vienna's Musikverein concert hall. We were privileged to see such high-class performance.”

As a trumpet player, Aaron Powell (So.) was very impressed by the quality, “They were very connected and passionate about what they were playing,” he said.

Synchronizing gentle tones and majestic tempo, “the high priests of brass,” as Newsweek described them, presented the audience with a diversely high-class set list, performing from Stephen Foster’s “Social Orchestra” to the 16th Century Canons.

For their final piece, they performed the Colchester Fantasy, a fast-paced contemporary masterpiece filled with songs that exhibited both the group’s versatility and each member’s virtuosity.

Published 2/16/2017