A Cause for Truth

Is there not a cause?—in the beginning of the year, the student body officers asked this question. As David challenged the Israelites (1 Sam. 17:29), student body president Josh Gallegos (Sr., CO) said, “We have a reason to stand up for God today. There are things that we should face instead of turning away.”

Throughout the year, the officers presented different causes in every student body program, such as “A Cause for Our Country” in October and “A Cause for Leadership” in March. Through the annual Missions Run, PCC students saw another cause in furthering God’s truth in the world.

This year, working together with BIMI (Baptist International Missions Inc.), the Missions Run project was aimed to send Bibles for public school children in Papua New Guinea. The student body participated by rounding up their purchases on campus or donating money.

Morgan Sanders (Sr., MO), student body vice president, said, “It’s exciting to see that this is already an ongoing project. It’s already happening. It’s a national project that will try to cover a Bible for every child—and eventually, everybody—in Papua New Guinea.”

Dressed in the black T-shirts with Papua New Guinea’s signature bird-of-paradise and “A Cause for Truth” design, thousands of students gathered on Eagle Field on Friday, Apr. 28 around 10:30 p.m.

“There are a lot more people involved,” said Cheri Nussbaum (Jr., GA). “I like the fact that we are able to see where exactly this project will go.”

The top three runners were Alan Fitzer, Jeremiah Schoettelkotte, and Clayton Hildebrand for the men; and Taylee Nyquest, Jenna DeLoach, and Amy Sibert for the women. As their rewards, they received medals and a special luncheon with the President and Mrs. Shoemaker.

The project raised a total of $37,243.84 (plus an additional $50,000 from an anonymous donor) for a total of $87,243.84, providing approximately 29,081 Bibles, reaching a potential 150,000 children in Papua New Guinea with God’s Word.

Senior Jeff Dempsey (MI) said, “The run was fun and very exciting; it also unifies the student body, and afterwards, we have a better vibe. We are a lot closer. The run doesn’t mean a lot. Being able to support the children who are in need and invest in their eternity means more.”

Published 5/4/2017