One on One

Residence Assistants

At first they appear like any other college student—backpack slung over the shoulder, eyes glazed from late night studying for that first hour exam. And they’ll tell you they are. They get stressed with classes and busy schedules as well.

Over 100 students are unique in one specific way: they’re Residence Assistants (RAs). These upperclassmen play an important role serving the student body in each residence hall.


At PCC, an RA’s responsibility goes beyond holding devotions during hall meeting, staying informed of events going on around campus, or making sure that residence hall life is running smoothly. David Navarro Fragoso says, “What makes a good RA, or person in general, really is behind the scenes. It’s not an easy job, but certainly a rewarding one when done right!”


Some of their behind-the-scenes ministry includes stopping and praying with a student, checking on a maintenance request for their guys, or simply lingering in a room after prayer group to chat. “I love getting to know so many different individuals, and many times they are an encouragement to me!” said Addison Hagberg (Sr., VA). “I would say that the way I have seen God work the most on my hall has been in simply talking to guys. It might seem like a pretty average thing to do, but that is how you get to know your guys.”


Lora Lundeen (Sr., MI) loves to involve the girls on her floor in hall meeting through shared testimonies, prayer requests, and praises. “You truly see the people on your floor as family. You want to see them succeed and do well, and it can be difficult on you when that may not be the case,” she said. “I guess people do not realize how personal the job can be. It truly is a ministry because you are serving those around you and on your floor.”

At the end of the day, RAs are like any other college students. They face the same emotions, difficulties, successes—and homework assignments—as their peers. Yet they are happy to serve the student body.