First Steps toward Future Goals

From mammoth pipes snaking their way underneath campus to a new men’s residence hall, crews broke ground in many ways this summer. “These projects just go to show how much PCC is alive and growing,” said PCC Construction Manager Jonathan Abbott. “It’s always exciting to see a Christ-honoring ministry like ours positively thriving.”

As soon as summer began, trucks arrived on campus with twenty-four-inch diameter pipes that would be placed underground, looping below campus almost two miles, upgrading the technology and efficiency to cool the air in buildings across campus. “The HVAC Engineering Department now has the ability to chill water at multiple points in the system and see that chilled water used across the entire ministry,” said Abbott.

The water is cooled at chiller plants around campus and then pumped underground through pipes to air conditioners in the buildings. Once the air is cooled, the water is cycled back through the underground system, chilled, and sent out to cool other buildings.

Aside from teams working underground, the Grounds team was busy topside laying over 350 pallets of sod and planting hundreds of plants for the approaching start of the fall semester. “We had a hand-picked team of young men and supervisors on our sod crew,” said Director of Grounds Trevin Houk. “On several days we were able to lay a pallet of sod in less than five minutes. It was a very neat, orderly, great-looking lawn of new grass!”

Meanwhile, across Rawson Lane, construction began on the new men’s residence hall, planned to be completed in only eighteen months. The structure will be built of reinforced concrete and will take a few months to pour. “It would not be a stretch to expect roughly sixty truckloads of concrete to be used each day during that time,” said Abbott. At over 143-feet tall, the structure will drastically change PCC’s skyline as the tallest building on campus. Eleven stories high, the new residence hall will hold approximately 900 students.

As part of the new entrance to the residence hall and campus, an additional gate and welcome booth were added to the north end of Rawson Lane.

Counting major renovations, thirty projects began this summer, including additional parking for the Rawson Apartments and new faculty offices in the Academic Center. From simple updates to long-anticipated renovations, a series of exciting changes are underway.

Published 8/25/2017