A Time to Rest & Reflect: Easter Break

Easter Holiday

As Christians, no day is more celebrated than the day Jesus Christ rose from the dead. Easter is the time when families get together to reflect on and praise the finished works of the Lord. And this past week, the PCC family enjoyed a time of rest during the first-ever Easter break.

Students traveled to different cities and states to celebrate Resurrection Day with their families and friends. The four-day weekend allowed students more time to refresh themselves physically, mentally, and spiritually.


To Emily Kent (Sr., FL) who spent her break at home, the Easter holiday “allowed more time to rest, to spend time in personal devotions, and to just soak in the reason for the holiday.” She said, “My family was able to read the Easter story together and share how it has changed our lives. My church had three Easter services with the focus on praises and singing songs. Also, the church lobby is decorated with Easter decorations and displays where families could take pictures.”


“Easter break really gave us time to go to different places while refreshing ourselves physically and mentally during a long semester,” said Davin Calderon (Sr., IL) as he described how he and his family went to Alabama for the holidays. They ventured through Mobile and found great restaurants and unique vendors.


The extra-long weekend gave Priscilla Meyer (Sr., AL) the time to finally take a long overdue road trip to Texas to visit her alumni friends. She said, “I got to visit the Alamo in San Antonio as well as enjoy the beautiful scenery at the River Walk. But best of all, I got to spend time with my friends who I haven’t seen for a while.”


Freshman Rachel Burdios (NY) used the time to travel even farther to Los Angeles with her sister to visit her relatives. “The scenery was amazing. It was such a different, more relaxing atmosphere. My uncle and aunt live on the hills in L.A., so we got to overlook L.A. and all its beauty, which is such a blessing,” she said.


Students who chose to stay on campus during the holiday spent their time catching up on big projects and papers. “I worked on my thesis (almost) nonstop. For breaks between writing sessions, I played games on my phone. But I also went to Sky Zone for the first time,” said Nathan Holan (Grad., TX).


“I stayed on campus, worked, and did my schoolwork,” Ilana Lim (Sr., NY) said. “It’s so great that the school gave us a long break to relax, especially since I’m a senior with a lot of projects going on.”

Whether on campus or traveling, the new Easter break helped students to refocus and be ready to finish their semester strong.


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