2018 Educator Recruitment and Career Fair

Spring semester generates an enthusiasm among the student body, especially the students who are graduating. Like Florida sunshine, their future shines bright with endless possibilities as the College hosts the annual Educator Recruitment and Career Fair.

Educator Recruitment

The annual Educator Recruitment introduced students to schools from across the country and several international countries. From West to East Coast, 95 schools brought in their representatives, sharing their needs for aspiring teachers to join their ministries.

For senior education majors like Molly Ileoma (Nigeria), Educator Recruitment exceeded their expectations. Molly spoke with nearly all of the representatives, and by the end of recruitment had narrowed her choices to schools located in California, Florida, and South Carolina. “The biggest thing is to keep an open mind while talking to recruiters and not have a specific place set,” she said. “Because you literally never know what God has for you or where He is going to lead you.”

The seniors came prepared and readily handed out their résumés. Some asked critical questions concerning each position and ministry opportunity, and some set up interviews.

Similarly, the recruiters eagerly welcomed the students throughout the event. Faith Baptist School (CA) principal Roland Rasmussen enjoyed the event for having “quality time for introduction and conversations.”

Jason Wolbrink, a recruiter for La Molina Christian School in Lima, Peru, said, “Some people are just at our school for the job. But PCC graduates have adapted well into the country, and they give it their all and really have a heart for the kids. Two of our best teachers on staff are from PCC. I think the graduates have a heart for ministry.”

Career Fair

This year’s Career Fair brought in more varieties of representatives than in previous years. In addition to big names like Chick-fil-A, Enterprise, the Navy, the Marines, and the Office of Congressman Matt Gaetz, the fair included various fields such as graphic design company Sunday Cool and digital marketing corporation Prosperous. This year, 67 individuals from 44 organizations came to recruit.

Even for students that have already secured future employment, Career Fair enabled students to network for future opportunities. Daniel Gengarella (Sr., RI) said, “Even with a job ready after graduation, you never know. As an artist and designer, I might do freelancing or collaborations in the future with different companies. Hence, networking and building connections are always beneficial.”

Mark Adams with Keller Williams Realtors, a local Pensacola business, came to recruit students to work alongside the business. He said. “The biggest benefit of this event is getting in front of different types of people and career opportunities. A lot of college students don’t know what they want to do, and they don’t know that real estate and running their own business is an option.”

Many seniors wonder where God would have them to serve and build a future career. Each year, Educator Recruitment and Career Fair help students making these life decisions by providing many different opportunities to succeed.

Published 3/9/2018

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