Financial Freedom through Fourth-Year-Free

Fourth Year Free

Saving for the future, planning a wedding, finding a job—all of these can weigh heavy on college students preparing for graduation.


For senior Kaitlin Hurst (FL/Philippines), her questions about the future were alleviated because she took one simple step. “I will graduate debt-free as a result of enrolling in the Fourth-Year-Free program and applying for the Christian Service Scholarship,” she said.

Since 2010, PCC has offered the Fourth-Year-Free program to incoming freshmen, helping over 2,100 students finish their degrees without the burden of college debt. Director of Admissions Adam Schroder said, “The financial freedom of graduating debt-free allows our graduates to serve the Lord wherever He leads without having to worry about overwhelming debt from student loans.”

After graduation, Kaitlin looks forward to a December wedding, a new job, and beginning to work on her master’s degree through PCC’s online courses—all things she can enjoy because of the Fourth-Year-Free program.

“I am very thankful for a college that works so hard to help their students succeed and graduate debt-free,” she said. “This financial freedom has given me a jump-start on saving for the future rather than being burdened with having to pay off student loans during the first few years of marriage as my parents and many others I’ve talked to had to do.”

Through Fourth-Year-Free, students who have enrolled in the program and stayed enrolled at PCC for eight consecutive semesters will save exponentially their senior year.

During the first three years in college, it may not be an obvious benefit; but when it counts the most, seniors will save nearly $10,000! The program allows students to take up to 17 credits, live in the residence halls, and enjoy meals completely free.


“The program allows me to focus on my senior year without the burden of college debt distracting me from planning my entry into a career field,” said criminal justice senior Luke Ball (NC).

Many students who enroll in the Fourth-Year-Free program their freshman year also apply for one or more of the many scholarships offered to qualifying students. Aside from the seven PCC scholarships, over 40 other scholarships are offered by donors, alumni, and friends of the College.

“When I graduate debt-free this spring, I will be in a position to pursue my calling without crippling financial constraints,” said Luke. “I believe financial freedom should be the goal of any Christian young adult, and PCC’s Fourth-Year-Free program enabled me to achieve that dream much earlier than anticipated.”


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