Interterm: Rest and Ministry

Interterm Ministry

PCC students tend to celebrate winter break as a time to rest and reset in between two busy semesters. From different hometowns or countries, they enjoyed different recreational activities to recharge themselves.


Graduate Amanda Cochran (TX) used the break to spend as much time as possible with her family and friends back home. “I go out to eat with my family or my friends, play group games, or even build a campfire. I spend a lot less alone time when I’m home because time with family and friends is limited,” she said.


Students from island countries had a special blessing that most others did not—a warm winter. Beth-Ann Johnson (Fr., The Bahamas) spent most of her winter break in the best possible way: at the beach. “Being from The Bahamas,” she said, “it doesn’t get cold or snow, so I go to the beach a lot.” Her idea of winter break was to rest and rejuvenate herself to get ready for the coming semester.


But even during the break from classes, students sought to stay productive. Despite the sluggish snowy weather in Michigan, senior Amanda Humphreys (MI) endeavored to fulfill the daily duties of her education practicum. This aspiring elementary teacher chose Rochester Hills Christian School (MI) to do her practicum because she “knew of the godly atmosphere there and the reputation of their classroom learning environments.”


During their college career, education majors must complete a practicum “to work and observe in a classroom so they get experience in understanding a teacher’s job. It will also give them more confidence in what to expect going into internship,” said elementary education student Priscilla Meyer (Sr., AL). Like Amanda, Priscilla completed her practicum in her hometown at Lindsey Lane Christian Academy (AL). She believes that the practicum directly enriched her teaching ability.


Other students also kept their winter break fruitful by participating in their church ministries. Rachel Burdios (Fr., NY) was involved in the music ministry in her home church.

“This ministry has personally taught me a few things,” she said. “When I first started singing in church, I was extremely shy. As I got older, and my relationship with God got stronger, I started to realize that this talent God has blessed me with was being used to glorify Him and Him only.”


Andrew Malack (Sr., VA) served at Smyrna Baptist Church (FL), working in the bus ministry, singing for the choir, and teaching for children’s church. He saw this opportunity as a way to get more experience, to practice his knowledge about church ministry, and to learn more about the function of a local church.

He said, “The bus ministry is one of my favorite ministries to be involved in. To be able to bring kids to church who come from some of the roughest places in the community and getting an opportunity to share the gospel with them and influence their lives is a privilege.”


Whether for rest or for ministry, PCC students remained faithful in their personal Christian life. “Yes, I hang out and have fun with my family and friends,” junior Andrew Todd (MD) said, “but to me, interterm break is always a time to get my focus back on God’s will and better my Christian walk with Him.”


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