Voices Uplifted in One Accord


A group of 50 young men blended their voices singing “Still, My Soul, Be Still,” the first performance of PCC choral group One Accord back in 2016. As the audience sat hushed, they watched these young men who would one day influence their respective fields as businessmen, lawyers, doctors, pastors, accountants, and police officers, astounded by the power of their song.

“There is a bond that comes through music that can only be explained when you’ve sung with someone over and over again,” said Stephen Spilger (’16) a member of the original One Accord group and current master’s student at PCC. “That bond has created a camaraderie through the genuineness of each guy’s desire to sing for God and not themselves. That has encouraged me as a vocal performing major to not only sing for God but also live for God.”


In October of 2016, One Accord had the privilege of being asked to sing the national anthem at Hurlburt Field Air Force Base in a neighboring city for a special ceremony dedicating a monument to fallen Special Tactics airmen.

“They appreciated our manner of presenting the anthem, not trying to draw attention to ourselves as singers, but rather, making the anthem the focus,” said Scott Roberts, PCC music faculty and One Accord’s choir director. The Air Force was so impressed with their performance that they presented One Accord with a plaque and medallion in chapel, thanking them for their ministry through song and asking them to return to sing again for another ceremony in February 2017.

“Being able to go to Hurlburt Field and sing the national anthem was an opportunity I won’t ever forget,” said Jonathan Valentin (Sr., IL). “Everything from the patriotism to the great food at the end made for what was one of the highlights of my sophomore year.”

Although the group first started with 50 people, the popularity grew until the roster reached 110. However, most participants don’t sing in every concert; rather, they take turns, averaging around 80 men per performance.

One Accord Christmas

In the three semesters since they’ve begun, One Accord has performed for PCC events like Student Body meetings, Eagle Mania, the Christmas Lights Celebration, and Turkey Bowl, as well as in Campus Church and Sunday school classes.

“I love being a part of a group like One Accord,” said Maxwell Barker (Sr., MI). “It doesn’t matter if you have a fantastic voice or if you are not that vocally gifted but you still love to sing. One Accord is just about guys coming together and singing because they love to sing and bring glory to God. That's what makes it so special!”

The unique quality of this vocal group can be attributed to the common thread that ties them together—a unifying goal to reach others for Christ, show their love for the Lord, and maintain an excellence and integrity through music.

As they strive for musical excellence, their projects have grown from live performances on and off campus to three singles available for purchase online. The singles include “Mary, Did You Know,” a music video and single which came out this past December, and still to come “Higher Ground” and “What a Day That Will Be.”

One Accord CD

At the 2018 Bible Conference, One Accord released its first full-length CD, My Ransom, and shared some of the songs with the student body, faculty, staff, and guests. Focusing on all that Christians have in Christ—redemption, purpose, and the hope of Heaven—some of the favorite songs include “My Ransom,” “Statement of Faith,” and “Sweet Beulah Land.”

“When we started recording the CD, all of us singers were together for long hours in the recording studio. Through these times, I was able to develop close friendships with many of the guys,” said Jonathan. “Before we would sing a song, Mr. Roberts would ask us all to reflect on what the song meant to us and then he would ask a few of us to share our thoughts. Just through corporate prayer or listening to what these songs meant to the other guys, I have found my own faith challenged.”

In the end, that’s the purpose of One Accord, to unite together to challenge themselves and others through the power of godly music.


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