Fine Valentine’s: Fine Arts 2018

“I had a brown box, and on top of it, I had her favorite candy tied down with a little bow. Inside the box, I had a balloon tied with a string. When she popped the balloon, inside there was a paper that said, ‘Fine Arts?’” This is how freshman Daisuke Funabashi (TN) described his first time doing something unique to ask his special girl to Fine Arts.

Daisuke’s friend Paulik Benjamin (Fr., TN) asked his date in another way. He handed her a calculator with a note that said, “According to my calculations, you and I make a perfect equation on February 10, 2018—Fine Arts?”

The first Fine Arts Series of the spring semester brought about many creative ideas from students to ask their “special someone,” especially as the day fell before Valentine’s week. But little did they know that Fine Arts would bring such amazing performances by the Bergmann Piano Duo and Carpe Diem String Quartet.

“The Bergmann Duo is perfectly in sync with each other. The syncopation was done excellently,” Brandon Gilbertson (Grad., WA) said to describe his personal favorite of the Duo’s arrangements: Rachmaninoff’s La nuit, l’amour. “The illustration was so vivid. You can almost hear the birds singing. All the waves of sounds paint such a romantic picture of nature coming to life as the day breaks.”

The Duo created a distinctly different atmosphere, not only a romantic mood, with each piece they performed. “Their performance of Piazzolla’s ‘Oblivion’ had such a melancholic vibe that makes me miss my boyfriend back home,” said Abigail Abad (Jr., NY).

Showcasing their versatility, the Duo Extraordinaire performed their arrangements of the famous musical “West Side Story,” including pieces such as “Maria” and “America.” Senior Ilana Lim (NY) said, “It’s amazing that as soon as they played ‘America,’ I felt like I was back in New York.”

After a vibrant performance by the Bergmann Piano Duo, the Carpe Diem String Quartet began with Monti’s Czardas and brought an electric energy to the audience.

Felipe Deakins E. Silva (Grad., Brazil) noted the players’ musical expression and technique. “The violist was amazing. The counter melody that she ‘created’ for the Czardas was extremely impressive,” he said.

Like the pianist duo’s variety program, the Carpe Diem String Quartet performed “Fiddle Suite: Montana,” composed by its very own violist Korine Fujiwara, that told specific stories of her own experiences.

“Both groups really showcased individual member’s skills though. The Quartet’s performance of ‘Montana’ highlighted each player’s virtuosity,” said Caleb Crawford (Grad., FL). “But one thing I find amazing is that these composers perform their own unique, original pieces and arrangements, inspired by their own lives. As a musician, it’s really encouraging.”

Published 2/20/2018

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