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Pre College Days

With another fall semester in full swing, it’s time to look ahead and prepare for one of the biggest events PCC hosts—College Days.

The unique opportunity for high schoolers to take up residence alongside students living the college life provides each guest with a chance to learn about collegiate life from the professionals—college students.

Many PCC students see College Days as a chance to show off the campus they call home and introduce their guest roommate to what being a PCC Eagle means. For some students, College Days means exerting their friendly spirit and taking their guest under wing by showing them around campus, enjoying a meal with them, taking them to classes of interest, or introducing them to other students. PCC students strive to go the extra mile just so their guest sees the full spectrum of the social, spiritual, and academic possibilities that PCC offers.

Guests will also be able to take part in exciting events such as Eagles games, the fall Fine Arts production of Pygmalion, chapel services, a meeting with the President, and more!

This fall, November 14–16, College Days will provide high school students with the chance to experience the campus for themselves, including a stay in the residence halls for 10th–12th graders. As they tour campus, College Days guests will meet students, faculty, and admissions counselors—each one qualified to offer a unique outlook on what being a PCC Eagle is all about!

If you’ve not reserved your spot, sign up today!

Published 9/24/2018

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