Turning the Page on a New Semester

From the bright-eyed freshmen eager to begin their second semester to the seniors counting down the days until graduation—with sophomores and juniors reaching milestones in between—PCC students have arrived back on campus ready to start a new chapter.

Freshman Rachel Burdios (NY) was surprised by how much she missed her college friends over winter break. “It was weird coming home and not having plans to meet up for lunch or go to the Palms to study,” she said. “So I’m extremely excited to be back and see everyone again!”

But students are looking forward to more than hanging out with friends and joining favorite spring activities like Saturdays exploring West Campus, roasting marshmallows at the Eagle Pride Tailgate, or supporting special gospel projects around the world at the Missions Run.

Many have their eyes on the ultimate prize. “I am praying to grow spiritually under the good preaching we get from Pastor McBride and the other speakers we have in chapel,” said Trista Allen (Fr., NC). Senior finance major Josh Grover (OH) wholeheartedly agrees. “I am anticipating this spring semester not only because I get to further my knowledge of my major, but also learn more about Jesus Christ during chapel and church,” he said.

108—Molly Ileoma (Nigeria) can tell you exactly how many days the semester has before she walks across the stage to receive her diploma. A senior elementary education major, Molly has already been applying for jobs at Christian schools. “My time here at PCC will always hold a special place in my heart,” she said. “But I can’t wait to see what God has in store in the next chapter of life!”

On January 21 and 22, students attended Opening Meetings, where Dr. Tim Zacharias encouraged the audience to keep their hearts tender towards spiritual things, allowing God to work through them. Classes officially began on Tuesday, January 23.

Published 1/25/2018

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