Summer Makes Everything Better

During the previous spring semester, President Troy Shoemaker announced an exciting new construction project taking place this summer: the renovation of Varsity Terrace, one of the central locations where students enjoy on-campus events like Christmas Lights and Greek Rush.

Construction officially began in May as crews tore away old brick and cleared tree roots that had cracked the original bricking over time. Little by little, as each summer day passed, the original Varsity Terrace disappeared and the cool, marbled look of the new Terrace took its place.

The raised wall that had historically been packed with festive students during Christmas Lights was redesigned and replaced with spacious tiered seating. In addition, the number of picnic tables on the terrace was doubled and a streamlined table layout now provides passing students an unobstructed walkway.

Meanwhile, across campus, construction on the new men’s residence hall reached a milestone in June as Dr. Shoemaker, Pensacola Mayor Ashton Hayward, and 300 contractors and laborers signed the final beam topping out the structure. PCC’s Construction Manager Jonathan Abbott said, “The concrete superstructure of the building was officially completed the morning of the ceremony and was celebrated with a luncheon for all involved in the project.”

The building’s completion date is still slotted for spring 2019, although furnishing the building will happen later that year.

Along with these major projects, summer brought some other welcomed changes through smaller projects on campus. The College used its time during the summer months to stretch and grow its existing facilities, giving new and returning students alike something new to experience.

Published 8/29/2018

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