Choosing the Lord’s Work

If college students are thankful for one thing, it’s for some down time. But some students took a break only from their academics, using summer vacation to minister to others.


In Indiana, Jonah Stephan (Sr.) helped with miscellaneous jobs and yard work at his church in addition to volunteering at the local hospital.

“My mom is a nurse there, and with my medical aspirations, I wanted to be a blessing to others in the hospital environment,” he said. “I often work the front desk signing people in to be registered for their procedures and directing patients and visitors toward their destinations.”

Jonah also checked expiration dates on equipment and materials in the emergency room, organized education packets and liability wavers in the education lab, and helped Dr. Paul Cronen teach a group of high school students how to suture. “I think greeting people with a smile and providing assistance to them at the hospital helped to encourage them throughout their day. In the end, I was the one who was truly blessed the most though as I provided help and encouragement to others. I learned more about serving people physically and spiritually.”


At the Abeka offices in Pensacola, Hannah Hall (Fr., CO) spent her summer working in customer service, helping homeschooling families across the globe. Rather than viewing the work as “just a job,” Hannah sought to keep a ministry mindset with her customers.

“I like helping people and being a blessing to others when I can. I like fixing people’s problems,” she said.

Hannah also worked as a student supervisor, helping her fellow agents with questions they might have while assisting a customer. “One of the main things that I have learned is that God works in many ways. He works through my coworkers and me, through the customers, through our curriculum and materials we sell.”


Brianna Weaver (Jr., AL) served as a residence assistant (RA) in Dixon Tower. Throughout the summer, she tended to her floor of girls while keeping things running smoothly.

“The RA position is not just a job to me; it is a ministry through which I can show the love of Christ,” she said. “As an RA, I have endeavored to make others feel cared for and loved.”

When she was asked to consider being an RA last winter break, Brianna jumped at the opportunity. “I have learned while working in this job that everyone is carrying a burden,” she said. “My actions and words can help or hurt these girls that I come in contact with. I hope that I have been a blessing to the girls on my floor this summer.”


Caleb Brown (Sr., NH) was one of the eleven students who visited New Zealand on a 2 1/2 week missions trip with Youth Outreach Ministry. This summer was the first time PCC students had been able to minister in New Zealand. After the team’s time there, the people in the city of Auckland left an impression on Caleb.

“My favorite part of Auckland was the children. Being able to see them, play with them, and see them light up with smiles as we taught them about Jesus was the best!” he said. The team passed out tracts, played games with the children, gave water out to a construction crew, and ministered to the police department.

These students took advantage of their summer to give their time to others—something that can be difficult to do during a busy, class-filled semester.

Published 8/22/2018

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