Interterm: Taking an Academic Advantage

Henry Ford said, “It has been my observation that most people get ahead during the time that others waste.” Not wasting time, PCC students take advantage of the long break during Interterm.

Some come back early to PCC or stay home to work, while others use the time to tackle academic requirements by taking a course online or on campus. On-campus classes are taken over two weeks, and available online courses can be taken throughout the Interterm break.

Ryan Troutman

Ryan Troutman (So., FL) has used Interterm for two years to chisel away at his credit load by taking courses online while remaining home. “I have two teaching fields and an additional minor, so taking Interterm classes allows me to remain on pace to graduate in four years,” he said. “I definitely got a better grade in [Old Testament Survey] than I would have had I taken it during the semester with five other classes. It also freed up my schedule during the semester so that I could get prerequisites for my major and minor out of the way.”

Mary Larson

Like Ryan, Mary Larson (Sr., FL) has also been taking online classes and has had full credit loads during the semester with her double major and minor. During her final Interterm, she chose to take College Algebra 1 on campus. “I chose to take the class on campus because I already live in the area and I enjoy a classroom setting, especially for a math class,” she said. “Because I took a class over Interterm, I could focus more on the material and know the information more thoroughly.”

Isaac Ingles

Isaac Ingles (So., TX), a double major who was also familiar with heavy credit loads, used Interterm to complete his general history course requirements. “Because I took the class over Interterm, I was able to free up some room in my schedule for more classes,” he said. “Taking that class during Interterm ensured [that] I would graduate as early as possible.”

John Kuha

John Kuha (Fr., MI) worked on his loose ends over this past Interterm—a trigonometry class that was affecting his schedule of future classes. “I chose to take this class on campus because itKuha would have been easier to take it this way in comparison to taking it while working at home,” he said. “I enjoyed it although it was a rather difficult class to take in such a short amount of time.”

Interterm has helped these students and others get the most out of their college schedules and allowed them to manage course requirements. “I have more room in my schedule because I have taken Interterm classes,” Isaac said.

Published 01/18/2019

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