Pensacola Theological Seminary Announces Fully Online Master of Divinity

Online Master of Divinity Program

This fall, PCC expands its online learning opportunities with a fully online Master of Divinity program for graduate students through Pensacola Theological Seminary (PTS).

In the Master of Divinity program, men delve deeper into the Word of God to gain advanced knowledge of theological topics. By taking the Master of Divinity in this fully online format, students are able to manage their class schedules while remaining in their place of ministry.

The online Master of Divinity program requires 96 credit hours. Those who have earned PTS’s M.A. in Bible Exposition may apply those 30 credit hours toward the Master of Divinity degree.

This new online learning opportunity from PCC allows students to personally tailor their learning experience. To learn more about the Master of Divinity program, visit this link.

Published 7/17/2019

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