Campus Church and Chapel Changes


Campus Church and PCC chapel services are an integral part of Pensacola Christian College. In response to COVID-19, service schedules and settings have been adapted to meet the needs of students while providing a safe and healthy environment for worship.

In the Crowne Centre, Campus Church will offer multiple times for each service, using every other row for seating with a minimum of three seats between parties. For those who would like a fully social-distanced worship experience, limited numbers may request to attend services in alternate on-campus locations. In-person Sunday school classes will be replaced with optional weekly lessons for the fall semester.

In an effort to minimize group size, chapel services will be conducted in the Crowne Centre and Dale Horton Auditorium. Chapel times may vary for students according to their class and work schedules.

Details about services include the following:

  • Church
    • Three church services will be offered Sunday morning, two Sunday night, and two on Wednesday night.
    • Multiple locations will be used to allow for further social distancing, including the Dale Horton Auditorium, the Allen and Crawford Chapels, and the MacKenzie Great Hall.
    • MacKenzie Great Hall will be reserved for high-risk students and will be limited to 50 persons per section.
    • While face masks won’t be required during services, they should be worn inside when entering the lobbies and hallways before arriving at a seat.
  • Chapel
    • Students will attend 4 chapel services each week; 2 in person and 2 online.
    • When students are scheduled to attend an online service, they will watch the service recorded at 10 a.m., and may do so anytime that same day.

If you have additional questions about COVID-19 campus procedures regarding Campus Church or PCC chapel attendance, visit the Coronavirus Information or talk with a PCC Cares representative at 1 (800) 722-3573.