Men’s collegian Soccer: Favorite Campus Tradition · News & Events

On campus just beyond Griffith Tower, a white glow illuminates the night sky. Cheers carry across autumn air as dozens of collegian soccer players dash across Eagle Field. Driven by a powerful kick, a leather soccer ball flies into the outstretched hands of Alpha Sigma Delta Sharks goalie Nathan Fralic (Jr., OH), who scouts the field, plotting which teammate can cut the Spartan defense. Fans, from freshmen to faculty, watch expectantly as Nathan launches the ball into the air….

For nearly four decades, scenes such as this have played out before generations of PCC students pledging loyalty to their teams each season. One of PCC’s most cherished sports traditions, collegian soccer creates exciting rivalries while still promoting a spirit of camaraderie on campus.

Nathan Fralic “I believe collegian soccer affects the student body in a positive way,” Nathan said. “Even when I’m not playing, I enjoy walking out to College Field on a Friday or Saturday night and watching a game. I appreciate collegian soccer not only because it gives me something to do in my spare time but also for the competition that it brings.”

As fall evenings grow cooler, competition heats up in anticipation of the Turkey Bowl men’s collegian soccer championship on Thanksgiving Day. This premier event draws thousands of students, staff, families, and guests to cheer on the two division champions in their quest to earn top honors.

Nathan hopes his team will earn another trip to Turkey Bowl this year, following 4 appearances in the past 4 years, including 2 championship wins. “The Sharks have a passion for the game of soccer,” he said. “Our focus and goal this year is to be in the Turkey Bowl for the fifth time in a row and to win it. We have a legacy of excellence to defend.”

To do that, the Sharks, just as the other 19 men’s collegian soccer teams, will have to stay focused, work hard, and elude defeat.