Rachel Demorell ’07

Rachel Demorell

After moving across the country with her husband, Chris, to assist with a church plant, alumnus Rachel (Gross) DeMorell (’07) wasn’t quite sure where she would find work. Leaving behind her job as a chemist at Teva, a world-renowned Israeli-based pharmaceutical company, Rachel helped pack the couple’s belongings and said goodbye to friends and loved ones.

She had seen God’s faithfulness before. Right after graduating from PCC with her degree in chemistry, Rachel wondered where she would find employment. Her hometown in rural Pennsylvania didn’t exactly have a lot of options. “Within weeks of graduation, I got a job working for Teva Pharmaceuticals, still in Pennsylvania, but I did have to move away from what was always comfortable,” she said. “I worked there for four years, and while I was there I met my husband.”

Now God was calling the newlyweds to leave everything behind to join a church plant deep in the heart of Mormon country, sharing the good news of Salvation. “Our church plant is extremely small, and we actively try to reach people who are blinded by Mormonism,” Rachel said. “Reaching people of the Latter Day Saints faith requires patience and relationship-building. It is very important to network with other Bible-believing churches. God has led me to every position I have held since graduation in 2007, and I have always been committed to following His direction.

While learning to be a pastor’s wife, Rachel searched for a job in her field. She did not yet know how long it would take, but she trusted God to supply her family’s needs despite the sluggish economy. “Within three weeks of moving, God provided a job in my field,” she said. “It was for Arlington Scientific, Inc. (ASI), a manufacturer of test kits for infectious diseases.”

After a year at ASI, Rachel accepted a position at a start-up company that manufactured carbon nanotubes. When that company began to run out of investors’ money, she transitioned to a job at Nature’s Sunshine Products, a company known for its quality dietary supplements. She enjoyed working at a job similar to the one she had left at Teva.

However, when the company needed to downsize, Rachel was laid off with severance equal to seven weeks of pay. “The blessing came from how God really worked in leading me to my current position,” Rachel said. “In a time of unemployment and wondering about my financial future, God led me to Nu Skin within three weeks. The blessing was that I basically got an extra month of pay that year, which we promptly put into savings. I truly can say that I love to work in the science field. I get to be a light in a dark world.”

Founded in 1984, Nu Skin has been listed as one of Forbes “100 Most Trustworthy Companies.” Rachel said, “Nu Skin is a multilevel marketing business specializing in dietary supplements and personal care products.” Rachel ensures that the quality of Nu Skin’s products meets the label claim. Each day she prepares samples and runs tests using analytical equipment in a laboratory.

Rachel is thankful that PCC prepared her to succeed at every position she has held since graduation. “The program was very well tailored to allow someone to enter a wide variety of science-related fields. The experience I gained in school has allowed me to transition to several different industries,” Rachel said. “Labs allowed me to get the hands-on laboratory experience by teaching me to follow methods and techniques. The chemistry-related classes were very small, and this allowed me to get one-on-one time with the faculty.”

Throughout her career, Rachel has learned that life does not always go exactly as planned, but she has learned to trust that God works everything together for good. “In my experience and career, God has always been totally in control, and He has poured the blessings down in these areas.”

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