Andrea Holloman ’93

Andrea Holloman

  • Elementary Coordinator, Faith Christian Academy (Goldsboro, NC)

“At PCC, I received well-rounded education that includes every facet of elementary education. I enjoyed being able to see the whole educational program; I worked in the [Abeka Book] Distribution Center for a time. I saw it from the warehouse to the classroom.”

“The internship gave the opportunity to teach in two different levels, helping me to decide which grade area I preferred.”

Shari Pedde ’81

Shari Pedde

  • K-4 Teacher and Child Care Supervisor, Granite Baptist School (Glen Burnie, MD)

“I enjoy teaching phonics and reading using Abeka. It is priceless to see the students’ faces when they are able to sound out words.”

PCC’s education program taught that “learning to be detail-oriented and thoroughly prepared for the day helps to keep me on track and allows for the day to flow smoothly. Being able to work in the PCA elementary school brought a strong desire to have my own classroom. The internship allowed me to build up gradually under supervision and finally assume classroom responsibilities.”

Kathy Johnson ’04

Kathy Johnson

  • Academy Administrator, Liberty Baptist Academy

“PCC teaches personal responsibility by demanding it in every class and holding students accountable. In teaching and now in supervising teachers, that has helped me realize the importance of teaching those characteristics to our students. To me, the best part of the education program is the experience in an actual classroom for a whole semester. My advisory teacher taught me by example and with patience in showing and telling me how to be the teacher I should be.

“I am so thankful the internship lasted a full semester and that we were required to keep up with so much: boardwork, detailed lesson plans, visuals for our classroom, etc. I like how we taught one subject, then added another and another until we were ready for full responsibility. There were no surprises when I took my own class the next year.

“I have been working at Liberty Baptist Academy for 10 years. I taught 2nd grade for the first 6 years, then became the Assistant Administrator, and am now Administrator. Liberty came to PCC’s recruitment my senior year, and that’s where I met them and eventually felt the Lord’s leading to go there.

“I love seeing the growth of the children. I really enjoy working with and helping the teachers. I absolutely love going from classroom to classroom during Bible time and hearing the classes recite verses and sing Bible songs. It reminds me why I’m doing what I’m doing.”

Laura Redding ’02

Laura Redding

  • Fifth Grade Teacher, Rincon Valley Christian School (Santa Rosa, CA)

“PCC helped prepare me for many aspects of teaching by using hands-on experience and peer evaluations as well as very knowledgeable and professional staff to equip me for Christian school teaching. In my opinion, the best part was the core educational classes, the amazing professors, the teaching internship, and also the ability to get so many examples of good teaching and creative ideas for both teaching and bulletin boards.”

“The internship helped prepare me by allowing me to experience hands on in the classroom and gave good models of teaching as well as creative ideas. I also appreciated the honest feedback and constructive criticism by those over me.”

Susan Noll ’82
  • Teacher, Santiago Christian Academy (Santiago, Chile)

“God used a prayer letter of a missionary family stating that they needed teachers at SCA. Three weeks later, I flew from California to Santiago with the financial help of God’s people. My schedule includes teaching 7th grade math, world studies, US history, 3rd and 4th grade science, 5th and 6th grade science, and ESL in the seminary.

“I love talking about what God has done and showing others how wonderful He is. Hopefully, my students will desire to know Him better.

“PCC’s program taught me discipline and submission. I appreciated the opportunity to be in the classroom before student teaching.”

Amanda Ruffner ’07

Amanda Ruffner

  • Kindergarten Principal, K-5 Teacher, and High School Spanish, Science, Fine Arts Teacher, Brooklane Baptist Academy (Hueytown, AL)

“PCC’s program helped me to become very organized, and I learned how to integrate Biblical truths into every subject and lesson. The best part of PCC’s program was my internship at PCA. It gave me ‘real life’ experience before being in a classroom on my own. It also taught me to give my all every day and to trust the Lord daily for what I needed from Him to teach to the best of my ability.”

Rebekah Poteat ’93

Rebekah Poteat

  • Missionary (Togo, West Africa)

“The Lord has called me to Togo, West Africa, where I serve as a church planting assistant. This entails evangelism (village and hospital, particularly with AIDS patients), teaching women and children in the Agou church, training teachers for the Agou church, and training and observing Christian school teachers for the Togo field. Seeing the needs of lost people, their lack of education, and their lack of opportunity thrust me into attempting to make a difference in the lives of the Togolese for the Lord.

“I have been privileged to teach children as well as women to read. Seeing and hearing the progress made, especially in learning to read the Word of God, is a thrill like none other! The school system in Togo is quite lacking because of huge classes, no books, rote learning, teachers who do not care about the students, etc. Through the vision of another missionary, we have been able to start a program for training teachers for the Christian schools that are hosted by our churches. This year we have completed the goal of training teachers for K–6th grades, having added one grade per year.”

“Having majored in education at PCC, I have been able to ‘practice’ what I learned in different contexts, including at home with the children who are a part of my life, missionary kids, Togolese public and Christian schools, churches, villages, etc. Early in life I had a desire to teach, and God has given me the ‘desire of my heart’ to be His vessel to communicate to others. I appreciate the Christian philosophy and desire for excellence instilled in us at PCC. I was encouraged to love children and to seek to help them grow mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.”

“Having opportunities to integrate what we learned in the classroom through Christian service opportunities like Bible clubs, etc., along with actually teaching in the Academy built confidence, showed me the importance of establishing relationships with my students, and enabled me to put what I learned in the classroom into a practical setting.”

“Each term, I have worked with a different Togolese church. The teacher training has enabled the churches to be independent of me because they now have their own qualified teachers for Sunday school and children’s church. To God be the glory for allowing us to reach the goal of training the Christian school teachers so that our churches can give a Christian education to their children. I praise the Lord that I have been able to serve Him for fifteen years in Togo!”

Rachel Jones ’10

Rachel Jones

Since the age of four, Rachel Jones (Early Childhood Ed., ’10)—and even her family—knew that she dreamed of being a teacher. At Christmas, her parents gave her a play chalkboard to “teach” her stuffed animal class. Now she teaches her own four- and two-year-old children at home.

Planning to attend another college, Rachel quickly changed her mind while visiting PCC’s campus during a family vacation in nearby Gulf Shores, Alabama. “I fell in love and applied right then and there,” Rachel said. “I knew the education program was top-notch, so that definitely affected my decision.”

Rachel began her college career with plans to become a secondary English teacher, but she realized her true calling during the summer of her freshman year. Rachel ran the Wednesday evening children’s program at her church in Carrollton, Ohio. Her first time working with 3–6-year-olds, she fell in love with the little ones and understood God was leading her to teach younger children.

As a student, Rachel loved her education classes and especially the hands-on internship. She had the opportunity to watch teachers in action at the on-campus Nursery and at Pensacola Christian Academy. “Being able to work with master teachers and learn from them gave me so many ideas and taught me how to be a teacher,” Rachel shared. “I was able to teach and observe under them and learned more from watching them than I can say. Those ladies molded me into the teacher I am for my kids now.”

Rachel Jones Family

Apart from the unparalleled education, the relationships Rachel formed were what she loved most about going to Pensacola Christian College.

Rachel’s teachers not only helped develop her into the teacher she is today but also enabled her to complete the course. “I am very thankful for the patient, godly teachers who took the time to invest in me. I lost my mom while I was a student. When I returned to school after her funeral, the support I felt from my teachers helped me not to give up and go home,” Rachel said. “I didn’t know if I should have gone back to school or stayed at home, but the encouragement I received caused me to know that returning to school was what was best for me.”

After graduating, Rachel taught K4 at Pensacola Christian Academy for two years, then K4/K5 at Plantation Baptist Christian School in Plantation, Florida, for four years. Rachel and her husband Jeremy felt the Lord leading them back to Indiana, Jeremy’s home state, where the Lord blessed him with a transfer to the Columbus Police Department. Rachel taught second grade at Columbus Christian School, and after completing a year teaching, she found out she was pregnant with their first child.

Having her son, Rachel realized, “I couldn’t imagine continuing to teach other children while someone else took care of mine.”

Rachel never thought she would be a stay-at-home mom, but when the Lord changed her heart and then blessed her husband with positions at work (as a police officer and then a fireman), staying at home became a reality.

Rachel Jones

These days, Rachel begins early as she exercises, gets ready, and reads her Bible with coffee all before her children wake up. Then she leads them through the day’s exciting routines. Rachel applies a lot of the training she learned from her early childhood courses and internships while she interacts with her four-year-old son and two-year-old daughter. “Homeschooling a preschooler requires a lot of activities and variety to keep them interested and help them retain the information,” Rachel said. The relationships she built with her teachers and classmates in college are still a resource of ideas to teach her son creatively.

Taking it one day and one school year at a time, Rachel looks into the future of possibly beginning a homeschool group at her church. So many of the families homeschool and could benefit from getting together for field trips, chapel, and more.

From the age of four, through college and into her career, Rachel has followed the Lord’s leading for her life. She is enjoying the privilege of influencing the next generation of students from her own home.

Lois Rall ’85
  • Administrator, Valley Forge Baptist Academy (Collegeville, PA)

“I felt very well prepared to teach when I left PCC. The structure in class observation and practice teaching were all beneficial to me. The best part of the program is the hands-on opportunities including the sophomore practicum. PCC was always striving for excellence, and that has followed through with me to this day.

“When I did my practice teaching, I had two teachers who worked with me, and they weren’t afraid to point out areas I needed to work on as well as encourage the areas where I was doing well.

“As an administrator, the reward of seeing students who want to live for the Lord is worth all of the difficult times. I’ve been in this ministry long enough that I see students that I have taught who have now graduated from college and are serving the Lord. It is exciting to know that I had a small part in helping them to become who they are today. The opportunity to work with young people to help them find what God wants in their lives is my favorite part.”

Pamela Wieler ’00

Pamela Wieler

  • Principal/Teacher, Independent Baptist School and Independent Baptist Secondary School (Soroti, Uganda)
  • M.A. in Bible Exposition: Pensacola Theological Seminary

“I came to Uganda in 2005 for one year to replace a furloughing missionary. However, after a few weeks, the Lord specifically showed me this was where I would serve Him. On Sundays, I teach children in Serere village; during the week, I am the principal and one of the teachers of Independent Baptist School and Independent Baptist Secondary School, where we educate the orphans we care for and a few children from our church.”

“My favorite part about working on the mission field is the opportunity to share the love of Christ with those who have never heard. I’ve come to love the people God has sent me to, and I’ve developed a desire to see them grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord. Leading someone to the Lord and training them in one-on-one classes is a true blessing because these orphans are the generation that can turn this country around.”

“The Lord used PCC and other ministries to guide and direct me to where I am today. During a Mission Prayer Band meeting, I learned about a missions boot camp with BIMI where I attended and first learned of the opportunities to serve in Uganda. The Lord also used a PCC missions trip to Ivory Coast, my undergrad work in elementary education and missions, teaching for four years at Pensacola Christian Academy, and earning my master’s degree from Pensacola Theological Seminary to fully prepare me for the future work He would have me do.”

“I am truly thankful for the dedication of the teachers I had at PCC. The smaller class sizes allowed the teachers to know us by name, and they were willing to help when it was needed and to pray with me when I had a burden. Seeing their examples has helped me show compassion in my own classes.”

Deborah Driggers Kirk ’96

Deborah Driggers Kirk

  • Lead Pre-K Teacher and Mentor Teacher, Stepping Stones Early Learning Center (Georgia State Pre-K Program)

“The best part about PCC’s education program was most definitely the instructors. With their encouragement and wisdom, I have been able to teach in a manner that has allowed me to prosper and further my career. I have a notebook of several quotes and sayings that my instructors said over and over that I refer to often.

“The internship gave me the knowledge of how to run a classroom efficiently and effectively.”

Melissa Henry ’08

Melissa Henry

  • Sixth Grade Teacher, Maranatha Christian Academy (Santa Ana, CA)

“I could not have picked a better education program. My internship was the best thing ever! I felt prepared when I stepped into my current teaching position three days after I graduated from PCC. I did not feel like a first-year teacher; I felt experienced. PCC prepared me tremendously.”

Lynette Gardiner ’02

Lynette Gardiner

  • Second Grade Teacher and Founder/Director of the Elementary Drama Program at her school (Turks and Caicos Islands, Island of Providenciales)
  • Award: Cambridge Who’s Who in American Education ('07)

“PCC has helped to prepare me for my current position by giving me a quality education with the very best professors. The best part about the education program at PCC is that it demands punctuality, neatness, preparedness, and participation.

“The internship helped prepare me for being a teacher because it offered practical experience in the classroom. It was great to work with the students to get the feel of being in a classroom with students. It showed me that the teaching profession can also be very rewarding.

“For two years, I had been seeking God’s will as to where He wanted me to be. The more I prayed, the more peace He gave me about moving from Orlando, Florida, to the Turks and Caicos Islands. I asked the Lord if He would place me in a government school that needed me the most, and He did.

“The favorite part about working in my field is that I get to talk to my students about the Lord every day and give an invitation for those who are willing to accept Him as Savior.”

Rachel Gifford ’04

Rachel Gifford

  • Third and Fourth Grade Teacher, Tabernacle Christian School (Martinsville, IN)

“PCC prepared me in the different projects we were required to do. Everything—from bulletin boards and game ideas to the experience of peer teaching and my internship—has been used in the last seven years. The best part, looking back, was the hands-on experience of the internship. There was no better way to see the workings of a classroom than to be in the classroom yourself. The internship helped me be a better teacher under the guidance of a master teacher.

“I love working with 3rd and 4th graders! They are eager to learn and enjoy learning and games. They want to please authority and have a tenderness to the things of God. I have been teaching the last seven years and have seen remarkable achievements in the academic and spiritual lives of my students. Through the last few years, I have been able to see a child come to Christ almost every year.”

Elizabeth Baker ’09

Elizabeth Baker

  • Kindergarten Teacher, Elementary Art Teacher, and Varsity Cheerleading Coach
  • Award: Teacher of the Year during second year at Milford Christian Academy

“My favorite part of teaching and coaching is being able to show the love of God to my students and their families through the vehicle of education.

“The education I received from PCC has been invaluable to me in my ministry. Looking back, I am extremely thankful for the challenging academics, busy schedules, peer teachings, curriculum studies, and my teaching internship. These and the many other tasks I completed during college helped prepare me to be an effective teacher.

“The internship I completed at Pensacola Christian Academy made a tremendous impact on my teaching style and gave me practical classroom experience which I was able to carry with me into my career. I felt completely prepared and at ease for my first year of teaching thanks to my challenging internship in kindergarten at Pensacola Christian Academy.”

Joanna Burt ’98
  • Head Elementary Teacher, Lighthouse Christian School (Valdosta, GA)

“PCC’s education thoroughly prepared me for my field. I was so blessed to have attended this college! I came into the field knowing how to run an efficient classroom and being solidly founded in the right philosophy for education. The best part of PCC’s education program was learning from master teachers who were truly experts in their field.

“The internship was where I put all of the book knowledge into practice and learned what it takes to run a classroom. It helped prepare me to teach in a Christian school classroom on my own.

“My favorite part of working as an elementary teacher is watching children grow in knowledge and in the Lord. Seeing children accept Christ as their Savior and grow in Christ, all while giving them a great education, is such a rewarding feeling. God continues to place such a love in my heart for children that with each passing year my ‘job’ becomes more of a blessing!”

Kelli Floyd ’96

Kelli Floyd

  • K-4 Teacher, Crosspointe Christian Academy (Indianapolis, IN)

“PCC prepared me by having teaching classes that taught me how to be a prepared and organized teacher. Student teaching at the Academy was an excellent opportunity to learn from seasoned teachers while still having the opportunity to compare experiences with the other student teaching peers.

“The internship helped prepare me by allowing me to get in an actual classroom and see how things were done. All children are not the same, and they don’t all behave and react the same way. It was the perfect opportunity to see how seasoned teachers handled situations with different children. I also had the opportunity to try those very same things myself and could talk to those same teachers for advice.

“My favorite part of teaching a K–4 class is that this is usually their first time in a school setting actually learning. I love to see their little eyes light up when they realize that they can actually read words and write their own name. They are so innocent at this age, and they enjoy even the little accomplishments.”

Ruth Tulabot ’10

Ruth Tulabot

While sitting in class in America, a young Ruth Tulabot (B.A. ‘94, M.S. ‘96, Ed.S. ‘09, Ed.D. ‘10) realized what she wanted to do with her life. Having come from a missionary family, she knew she wanted to work in the ministry, but it was seeing the servant’s heart in her high school principal that inspired her to take up serving in Christian education.

It wasn’t long before someone recommended that she go to Pensacola Christian College. “‘Well, if you want to teach, you better go to the best Christian school in the country that produces the books that you will be using,’” Ruth recalled being told. “At PCC, I saw that your educational attainment can be used for God, and you can show a Christlike spirit. It’s a ministry. It’s not an accomplishment. It’s not a ladder that you climb, but it’s just a place for you in God’s vineyard. That servant spirit really defines people from PCC.”

After receiving her master’s degree in elementary education in 1996, Dr. Tulabot returned to Tarlac Christian School where she has created and maintained academic programs as well as curated and taught materials. The school reorganized, becoming Tarlac Christian College which has an elementary (including preschool), a high school department, as well as a college department. Since then, she’s seen the student attendance grow from 150 to over 1,800, with 700 students in the college department. “The Christian education ministry poses many challenges. But these challenges are minute in comparison to the blessings, because the Christian school is a unique ministry where God allows individuals to minister to young people for several hours a day,” Ruth said.

Looking back, Ruth sees PCC as the tuning fork of her life, allowing her to be focused and well-prepared to minister to students. “It really set the tone for my current work at Tarlac Christian College, because really, I had no clue what Christian education was,” she said. “For many [schools in the Philippines], ‘Christian’ is only in the name, but at PCC, I learned that in everything in every class, you have to understand the biblical perspective on how to teach a particular class.”

Ruth’s leadership at Tarlac Christian College is only part of her ministry, as she also serves as a missionary alongside her husband Arvin in the Metro Manilla area. “The Lord enabled us to start Bethesda Independent Baptist Church, Timothy Bible Institute, and Jesus Loves Me Children’s Home in Quezon City, Philippines,” she explained. “The area that is most heartbreaking is the feeding ministry in a depressed community in Quezon City and in the children’s home. We feed around 500 children every Saturday. My husband Arvin often reminds me that most of the struggles arise because the children are broken, and their very condition led them our way. Because of their brokenness, God enabled us to minister to them. I have seen the Lord’s grace abound richly through these ministries.”

Dr. Ruth Tulabot has served to mold individuals to be better equipped to glorify God in their chosen professions. Although her road has been difficult to follow, she has found fulfillment in God’s calling for her life. “Growing up in the ministry, with my parents as pioneer national missionaries, I was exposed to the difficulties and challenges in Christian service both in the field and in the U.S. The criticisms and persecutions affected me and my siblings deeply. Personally, the Lord has used all the struggles and even humbling experiences for me to understand that it is an honor just to have a place (no matter how lowly) in God’s vineyard,” she said. “His grace alone makes us worthy to serve Him.”

Amanda Shupp ’10

Amanda Shupp

  • Fifth Grade Teacher, Red Lion Christian School (Red Lion, PA)

“My favorite part about working in education is the ability to help students discover new things about the world God has created and see Who God is as He is revealed in His Word.”

“PCC’s program prepared me for my current work by teaching me how I can teach all the subjects from a Biblical point of view, and it gave me opportunities to do so as an undergrad. The best part about PCC’s education program is all the educational classes geared toward teaching each different subject.”

“The internship helped to prepare me for being a teacher by observing all the different things that I would be doing once I had my own class and having several different opportunities to experience hands-on teaching situations.”

Nathan Reeves ’02

Nathan Reeves

“As a young person, I never thought I’d be in school for the rest of my life!” said Nathan Reeves (Elementary Education ’02; Education Leadership ’18), looking back on two decades in Christian education. “But [God] has given me the desire to help others.” For the past 20 years, as the administrator of Bill Rice Christian Academy (BRCA) in Tennessee, Reeves has sought to “inspire and empower the right people to passionately fulfill his school’s mission ‘to give each student an excellent education and a desire to do right,’” he said.

“At BRCA, academics and character are deeply linked, and one is never compromised for the other,” Reeves said. This focus generally began to develop for Reeves during his time at Pensacola Christian College. Following his heart to serve young people, he enrolled as a freshman youth ministries major. But realizing he was not called to preach, Reeves pursued an elementary education degree. “I was drawn to PCC because of the great spirit on campus, and I felt the College always did things well,” he said. “Once on campus as a student, I felt they prepared me to do what I’m doing today.”

With 21 students enrolled at the school, Reeves started his first day as administrator. Having just graduated from college, the experience from his teaching classes at PCC and the internship at Pensacola Christian Academy gave him confidence to fulfill the position. “The internship at PCA is so invaluable—nothing else compares to it at any other Christian college,” he said.

Over the years, BRCA began to grow, and Reeves decided to pursue an advanced degree in educational leadership. “I decided to start my master’s for three reasons: I needed a challenge, I knew I may need it one day, and I wanted ideas to improve our school—that was the biggest reason.”

Nathan Reeves with graduate

Reeves was glad he waited several years to begin his graduate work since he had the foundation to immediately implement what he was learning. “I would often pause during the online lecture, open one of our handbooks, and type in a new policy or idea,” he said. “It was a bigger help to me because I already had the context to what I was learning.”

As he faces challenges in school administration, Reeves views them as discipleship opportunities for the students, parents, and school. “Anytime you deal with people, you deal with problems,” he said. “Student discipline issues help us help parents be better parents, etc. Challenges are exactly that—challenges. But they can be used for growth and to bring glory to God.”

Reeves recognizes the need for character development. “Many kids get some form of character training at home, but not many get it at home and school,” he said. BRCA provides a character development program that complements their curriculum both in and outside the classroom. “We believe in informed parents,” he said. “Our teachers want [parents] to know what [they] can do to help.”

“The standard of excellence brings out the best in students,” said a parent about BRCA. Desiring this outcome for every student, Reeves loves serving with high standards, their ministry philosophy, and exceptional people.

“I get to work with my wife each day, which I love. Not every husband gets to do that!” His wife, Jennifer (Nursing, ’02), serves as the elementary principal and preschool director. She assists her husband and their teachers in fulfilling the school’s mission. This year brought incredible growth, which led to adding a second kindergarten class and future expansion plans for the whole school.

Nathan Reeves and family

Every summer during camping season, the Reeves family serves together at the Bill Rice Ranch—Reeves heads up Junior Camp, his wife serves as the camp nurse, and their three teenage boys work on operational staff. When he was a teenager, Reeves made some life-changing decisions at camp. “God has given me a love for working with young people. He led me to the Ranch, and the rest is history!” he said.

Along with his family, Reeves makes a difference in his part of the world. “I see education as a temporal means to a spiritual end,” he said. “We attract families because of our strong academics and character development program, and then we get to see them saved and make spiritual decisions. Now I get to give back where I was given so much.”

Bernadette (Rodriguez) O’Shea ’97

Bernadette Rodriguez O'Shea

  • English Kindergarten Teacher, Spanish School House
  • Public Speaker for Education and Children’s Ministry

“PCC demanded excellence and quality from their teachers. After 10+ years of teaching, I have yet to come across another school that produces educators in this manner. For me, the best part about PCC’s education program was my teaching classes.”

“The internship was beneficial because I was never allowed to give less than my best. To this date, I am still in contact with my mentor teacher. She and I have developed a precious relationship that has extended outside the classroom/internship.”

“Not only do I have a privilege to teach, but I am also a public speaker in the fields of education and children’s ministry. I am a Recommended Expert speaker for Children’s Ministry Academy (an online ministry training school for those who serve in children’s ministry). I also speak at Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) teacher conferences and conventions. When I am not at school or at a convention, I speak at other schools to encourage and motivate their faculty and staff.”

“One school I taught in allowed me to move up quickly. In four years I went from Co-Teacher to Lead Teacher to Assistant Director to Director. I was told many times that there was something different about my style of teaching and the leadership qualities I possessed. I know this was all taught to me from my years at PCC.”

Nathan Reeves ’02

Nathan Reeves

  • Administrator, Bill Rice Christian Academy (Murfreesboro, TN)

“PCC’s education program gave me a very solid foundation in teaching. PCC taught me the traits of a master teacher so that I can help our teachers become master teachers, too.”

“The internship gave me a chance to observe great teachers and how a great school is run. It also gave me a chance to practice what I observed and then be critiqued. I appreciate PCC’s high educational standards.”

“The best part about working in education is having a part in kids being saved and lives changed.”

Debbie (Brumbelow) Morrison ’83
  • Substitute Teacher, Sherwood Christian Academy (Albany, GA)
  • Owner/Tutor, ABC Tutoring

“What made me choose PCC was that you are in a classroom your very first year of school. It makes you stop and think about what it takes to be a teacher.”

“I love the interaction with the kids. It’s so neat to see their faces when they ‘get’ a concept that you’ve been teaching in the classroom, and it’s very satisfying knowing you are where God wants you to be, doing what He’s called you to do.”

Katherine Grete Kiser ’83
  • Educational Therapist

“PCC gave me a solid foundation on which to build my understanding of childhood development and learning. I feel I was prepared to begin teaching after graduation.

“The internship gave me a practical platform allowing me to put my teaching abilities into action. My supervising teacher was instrumental in my development as an effective teacher.

“The Lord led me to take educational therapy courses. These courses enabled me to personally assist eighteen other students as well and start a Discovery Therapy Program at Covenant Christian School in Mobile, Alabama. My title was Discovery Program Coordinator. This coming year, I will be working at Traverse City Christian (Traverse City, Michigan) in the Resource Center to assist students who struggle in general classes. I love the ‘ah ha’ moments when students finally understand a concept.”

Meredith White ’07

Meredith White

  • Preschool Teacher, Granite Baptist School (Glen Burnie, MD)

“My daily responsibilities include teaching the three-year-olds basics such as numbers, counting, letters. I love being with the kids all day, every day. They make me smile, and I love their simple outlook on life.”

“PCC’s methods classes prepared me for my current work by giving me the organizational skills needed to perform my daily tasks. It takes more than just the ability to teach to be a teacher. My classroom also needs to be clean and clutter-free to be conducive to learning. The key to a smooth day is organization.”

“In addition to classes, my internships at the nursery and Pensacola Christian Academy were the most valuable aspects of my training because the experience taught me how to manage my time. Though challenging, those weeks of full-time teaching were good practice in preparing for my own class after I graduated. The whole experience made my first year such a success.”

Ashley Araujo ’11

Ashley araujo

After a long day teaching math and language, monitoring video classes, dealing with discipline issues, and planning school activities, Ashley Araujo (’11, Master’s ’13) heads straight to the gym for a volleyball game. Despite being tired, it’s important for her to be there—she’s got her girls to support. She can get dinner later.

It’s typical for Ashley, who works and lives at Hope Children’s Home, to spend almost the entire day working with children. And, despite the long hours, it’s her dream job. When Ashley began her college career at PCC eleven years ago, she felt confident in her decision to major in elementary education. However, this confidence was often combined with the sense that she would be doing something a bit different than working in a traditional school setting.

Once Ashley learned about an open teaching position at Hope Children’s Home in Tampa, Florida, she knew that the job was a perfect match for her. “I knew without a doubt that this is where God was calling me,” Ashley said. “I loved the idea of educating these hurting children and enabling them to walk away from their past and into a brighter future.”

Having begun her sixth year at Hope, Ashley’s responsibilities involve much more than simply working in the classroom. In addition to teaching, Ashley acts as the elementary principal, a position which has her dealing with struggling students, observing and training new teachers, and planning field trips and other events for the children.

Yet, her job is not complete when the school day ends. Nights are busy at Hope with activities such as basketball and volleyball games, play practice, music lessons, homework, and dinner. Ashley takes these opportunities to build relationships with the children whether through tutoring, cheering athletes on during a sporting event, or talking to the younger children on one of the playgrounds. Working with the children has become a year-in and year-out pursuit for Ashley. “Here at the children’s home, I get the beautiful opportunity to watch my students grow from year to year,” Ashley said. “Knowing that I played a role in their success means a lot to me.”

Ashley feels confident that part of her success as a teacher and elementary principal is from her time at PCC. “I think that the educational program at PCC is truly top notch. When I first started teaching, I never felt unprepared to handle any task thrown my way,” she said. Ashley credits her time as an intern at Pensacola Christian Academy as one of the most valuable parts of her education.

“I have thoroughly enjoyed being a teacher but especially a teacher at a Christian school. Being able to share my faith with my students is important to me,” Ashley said. “My absolute favorite part about teaching is knowing that I have made a difference in a child’s life.”

Barbara McAferty ’02

Barbara McAferty

  • Kindergarten Teacher, Calvary Christian School (Southern Pines, NC)
  • M.S. in Educational Administration: Pensacola Christian College

“The education program at PCC most of all prepared me to have an open mind toward others. The best part of the program is that it forces you to take on tasks that are inconceivable, at least at the time they are presented.

“My favorite part of teaching is imparting a knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ and watching that knowledge grow into a love for Him.”

Maria Juwita ’04

Maria Juwita

  • Elementary Teacher, (Indonesia)
  • M.S. in Elementary Education: Pensacola Christian College

“In Indonesia, we have only one Christian university that offers an education major, and it uses the liberal progressive philosophy. However, the foundation at PCC is solid. It is 100% pure gold—PCC showed me the right kind of education so that when I see wrong philosophies and practices in other schools, I recognize them right away.

“The PCC education faculty are so easy to talk to. They understand you, and I am so thankful for them.

“When I went back to Indonesia, I was surprised that many teachers had no basic training: if they can’t get another job, they take a teacher’s position. PCC taught me that teaching is a high calling; they take the opportunity to influence children very seriously. It is an honor to be a teacher, and it is my privilege to teach, by God’s grace.

“After I had been teaching in Indonesia for a few years, I was the principal of the secondary school and was asked to help change the curriculum. Within one year, we changed the entire school’s curriculum to Abeka, and I had the privilege of training the teachers on how to teach with the traditional method.

“I also taught my son using the Abeka nursery curriculum. Other parents saw that he was more advanced than their children. They started asking me to teach their children, and I began accepting students in my home. People can really tell the difference with the education that I received from PCC, and they want that good education for their own children.”

Dawn Miller ’03
  • First Grade Teacher and Cheerleading Coach, Fairwinds Christian School (Bear, DE)

“The teachers at PCC always had time for me and my questions. Their heart for us and passion for teaching always showed through and inspired me to be like them. I knew they loved the Lord, and they loved us. I always pray that the Lord can use me in my students’ lives like He used PCC teachers in mine. Also, no matter which methods class it was, teachers always stressed being prepared and planning ahead. Knowing what I am doing each day has really helped me to adjust to those unexpected things that come up in the schedule. The resources available to me at PCC were priceless.

“The internship was wonderful hands-on practice! I learned a lot about what a classroom is really like, and I still go back to my notes occasionally to refresh my memory on how certain things were done. Classroom discipline and time management came alive there. When I started teaching at Fairwinds, the second grade teacher came and asked me how I was able to finish all three reading groups during seatwork time. I was able to share with her the things I learned at PCC, and she took them and used them in her classroom!

“Last year, two of my students came to know Christ! I was so honored to have a part in that. Both were a result of students going home and asking their parents about the Bible story that we were working on that week. Also, there is nothing like standing in front of a classroom of students and making learning fun! Especially when you have a student that is struggling with something and they have the ‘aha!’ moment. It’s wonderful to see their faces light up with understanding when they finally get it!”

Adrianne Hughes ’04
  • Third Grade Teacher, South Aiken Baptist Christian School (Aiken, SC)
  • M.S. in Educational Administration: Pensacola Christian College

“God gave me the desire and opportunity to teach, and the education program at PCC gave me the knowledge and the tools to develop my skills. Every day, I find myself using tips that I saw or heard from my professors.

“In the last several years, I have used the knowledge from my philosophy of education classes almost as much as any other training I received at PCC. Parents are concerned for their child’s education. More than once, I have met with parents and had them ask me to explain why we teach in kindergarten rather than play. They want to know what makes us so different. I am able to explain the benefits of traditional Christian education.”

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