To make the most of your academic pursuits, plan to attend all scheduled classes as well as academic forums and seminars as designated by your major or instructor. Class attendance records are available for your review on Eagle’s Nest. If you notice a discrepancy, speak with your instructor to correct your record. If you cannot get the discrepancy resolved, then go see your academic chair.  You have two weeks after attendance has been recorded to report any discrepancies.

Attendance Policy

Each course meets a specified number of days per week. If you accumulate more absences than the number of days that course meets per week, you will lose one full letter grade in that course. More absences than the number of days a course meets in two weeks will result in an “F.”

Three tardies to the same class equal one absence for that class. Tardiness of twenty-five minutes or more will be recorded as an absence.

Extenuating Circumstances—No Penalty

Classes missed because of the following extenuating circumstances will not count toward the attendance policy. Faculty will work with you to make up any missed assignments, projects, and tests when you return.

  • Surgery/hospital stay  
  • Military duty
  • Funeral leave (up to three weekdays)
  • Court subpoena
  • College-required activity

General Absences—Makeup Allowed

Teacher using Smart board to illustrate a concept to students

All absences and tardies—other than the extenuating circumstances listed above—count toward a possible academic penalty based on the attendance policy. However, makeup work will be allowed for the following:

Unexcused Absences—Makeup Not Allowed

  • Skipping class
  • Leaving class early

For each unexcused absence after 10 cumulative unexcused absences (in all classes), 10 demerits will be given.

All projects and papers are due by the date assigned and will be subject to late penalties if an unexcused absence is recorded on the due date. If you miss a quiz, presentation, or performance for an unexcused reason, it will result in a zero on that graded item.

Class Cuts

Class cuts are designed for students who wish to be away for special occasions such as family events or to meet with potential employers about employment after graduation. These absences accumulate toward a possible academic penalty based on the attendance policy. For students in good academic standing (2.0 cumulative GPA or higher), two class days of cuts are permitted per semester and may extend through the weekend.

Graduating students who need additional days for the interview process should contact the Student Life Office for details prior to making any arrangements. Cuts should be indicated as such when submitting day or overnight pass requests.

On-campus work students should receive approval from their work supervisor before submitting a request for class cuts. Nursing students should receive prior approval from their clinical coordinator. Teaching assistants (TAs) should receive prior approval from the Education Chair. Class cuts will not be granted to TAs during Pre-term.

Class cuts may not be taken during activities required for your classification or major (e.g., recitals, forums) or during midterms or finals. If you choose to take class cuts, it is your responsibility to keep up with academic requirements. Ask your instructors whether you should make up any missed quizzes, tests, assignments, activities, etc., before leaving for class cuts.

Missed Tests/Exams

If you miss a test or midterm exam, make it up one of the next two Saturdays at 10 a.m. or 2 p.m. in the Testing Center in the Lyceum (Academic Center 1st Floor). Tests missed because of surgery/hospital stay, military duty, funeral leave, a court subpoena, or a college-required activity can be taken with no fee. All other tests carry a $10 Testing Center Fee, payable only by your PCC Card. This fee is intended to cover the cost of offering this service.

The grade for tests missed because of an unexcused absence will be lowered by 10 percent. Following proper procedure for class cuts, checking into your room when sick, or doctor’s appointment will not result in a 10 percent penalty; however, those absences do accumulate toward a possible academic penalty based on the attendance policy.

The Testing Center is closed during final exams. Contact your instructor immediately if you miss a final exam.

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