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On-Campus Work

Student Work Assistance

Having a job during college helps you to form habits that will make you an exemplary employee for the rest of your life. PCC offers many on campus work opportunities and flexible class scheduling, making it possible to handle a job and classes.

The Work Assistance Program provides financial assistance through on-campus employment to those with the greatest financial need. All earnings are applied directly to the student’s account.

If you are interested in working, fill out a Work Assistance application. Also check Eagle’s Nest for current employment opportunities and to indicate your interest in doing side jobs, such as babysitting for staff.

Off-Campus Employment

To help you as you look for a job, off-campus job openings are posted on Eagle’s Nest. Remember that you are an important representative of PCC with a special opportunity and responsibility to uphold our good testimony in the community. Strive to have your work ethic, attitude, and job performance reflect well on your college and, most importantly, on the name of Christ.

Follow these guidelines when seeking an off-campus job:

  • Submit a Permanent Work Pass request to be approved by Student Life.
  • Find a job where you will not need to work on Sundays and will be able to attend chapel or video chapel.
  • Find a job that does not conflict with the Code of Conduct (i.e., serving alcoholic beverages or handling pornographic material).
  • If possible, find out your work schedule before registering for classes in order to avoid schedule conflicts. You should not plan to work during required college events.
  • If a woman’s job requires her to wear pants, she must change at her workplace before work and prior to returning to campus.
  • Before terminating employment, it is appropriate and expected that you give at least two weeks’ notice to your employer.
  • Students may leave campus for work responsibilities as early as 3:30 a.m. Students must return Mon.–Sat. by midnight.

Summer and Interterm Work

Student Work Assistance

Every summer and Interterm break, hundreds of students choose to stay and work on campus. Students not only earn wages, but they also receive free meals and lodging and enjoy exciting activities and athletic events.

If you are interested, fill out an application on Eagle’s Nest.

Career Services

This online resource was created to assist students with finding employment after graduation. Students may view job opportunities and submit their information to be considered by potential employers. To see the list of available positions or to submit your information, visit

As you look forward to your post-college plans, view Alumni Spotlights at to see what previous PCC graduates are accomplishing.

Recruitment and Career Fair

Recruiter informing a student

Schools, churches, and other organizations come each spring to recruit alumni and graduating students. PCC also invites businesses and organizations from Pensacola and around the country to connect seniors with potential employers. Many students find jobs and make career contacts through these annual events. Listen for announcements to learn how to effectively prepare for Recruitment and Career Fair.

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