Residence Hall Life

Residence Hall Life

Bradley Tower

Some of your most lasting friendships may come through your college roommates. You will find that the students and staff at PCC are friendly and will help you throughout your college career.


Rooms may have up to four occupants. Your room will have twin-size beds, closet and dresser space, a desk, chairs, and shelving. Your room may have an adjoining suite with a shared connecting bathroom.

Students with specific housing questions may refer to these links for 23 and Older Housing or Town Student Eligibility.

Students who have already completed a bachelor’s degree from PCC may request to be placed in 23 and older housing even if they are under 23.

Roommate/Suitemate Requests

If you are a returning student and have a roommate/suitemate preference, fill out a request for the fall 2019 semester on Eagle’s Nest by August 1. If you are an enrolling student, you can submit a request through the Applicant Portal.

One request per person may be honored. A $25 room change fee will be applied for any room change after check-in.

Room Change Requests

New students may meet with Student Life over Opening Weekend if there is a question regarding room assignments.

Requests for returning students to change rooms are considered after the first week of classes. As expressed in our Philosophy/Code of Conduct, it is invaluable for students to put forth effort to adjust to a new room environment before considering a change. If you have an extreme situation (such as health concerns), please talk to your Residence Manager during their office hours.


Each residence hall has a print station, vending areas, ice machines, microwaves, and vacuums. If any of these machines do not operate properly, please report it to the lobby desk worker. If you need a refund, go to AC 113 during office hours, 8 a.m.–4:45 p.m. Mon.–Fri.

Additionally, bulletin boards are located on each residence hall floor for current informational postings including emergency information and hall meeting announcements.


Students with a doctor’s note verifying special dietary needs or prescriptions needing refrigeration will need to rent a refrigerator from PCC rather than bring their own. The doctor’s note should be submitted to the Student Life Office. Students should be aware that not all refrigerators will have freezers. Those needing freezers must indicate this on their doctor’s note. Once the doctor’s note is approved, a refrigerator will be delivered to your room to use during the semester for a one-time service fee of $30 each semester. The cost will be shared by those who have refrigerator approval in the room.

Laundry Rooms

Washers and dryers accept payment by PCC Card. Since powdered detergent clogs the machines, use only nonchlorinated bleach and high-efficiency (HE) liquid laundry detergent. For propriety, men and women may not do each other’s laundry.

Lost and found clothing may be reclaimed for up to two weeks at the Residence Manager’s (RM) office. After two weeks, unclaimed items will be discarded.

Pelican/Gearbox Stores

On the ground floor of each residence hall is a convenience store (Pelican for women and Gearbox for men) offering personal care items, clothing and academic supplies, and food and drink products. Times are posted on Eagle’s Nest and on the store’s entrance. PCC Card and credit or debit card are accepted.

Music Practice Studios

Studios are available on the ground floor of Bradley Tower (for women) and Young Tower (for men). The practice rooms in the Visual and Performing Arts building are reserved for music majors and minors.

Women’s Fitness Rooms

Fitness rooms are provided on the ground floor of Bradley and Dixon Towers and are open during the times posted on the fitness room doors.

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