Student Responsibilities and Rights

General Responsibilities

Residency Status

Students changing their residency status between semesters need to complete a residency change form in the Student Life Office.

Those with questions about enrolling with the college should contact the Admissions Office at (850) 479-8496, ext. 8717. Students whose circumstances necessitate withdrawing from the college are to go to the Student Life Office during regular office hours to formally withdraw.


Commons in the fall

To help preserve and maintain what the Lord has given us, follow these campus guidelines:

  • Do not chew gum in academic buildings or auditoriums.
  • When entering all buildings on rainy days, please leave your umbrella in one of the racks positioned near each building entrance; to help us keep the carpets looking nice, do not take them into any building.
  • Since the Florida tropical climate necessitates the use of preventative measures to combat insects inside buildings, be aware that you may see white insect tablets, which resemble aspirin tablets. It is important that these be left in place and not discarded.
  • Please help by picking up trash, and do not litter. Use trash cans available on campus.
  • Please stay off the grass except on the campus athletic fields.

If you are assigned a key for academic purposes, you are accountable for any use of that key. Misuse of keys, including duplication, is prohibited, and lost keys may incur a fee.

Students are individually responsible for any damage to or loss of college property, whether the damage is intentional or accidental.

Respectful Interaction

teacher instructing a student

In the college environment, certain individuals are authorized to give direction and enforce policies. Students are to treat those in positions of authority with proper respect and follow instructions willingly. This includes faculty and staff as well as students who are serving in an official capacity (Safety and Security, Residence Assistants, desk attendants, etc.)

Reasonable directions given from authorized individuals should be observed, and prompt response to communication and call slips from College personnel is expected. Disrespect, display of bad attitude, disobedience, dishonesty, and lying are not acceptable. Students may not provide College officials with false identification or false information.

Out of respect, students address faculty and staff by their titles (Dr., Dean, Mr., Mrs., or Miss), and the use of first names is not appropriate.


Classroom proceedings, meetings, and official college activities are to be free from distraction and disruption. Students are not permitted to participate in unauthorized petitions, demonstrations, protests, or riots of any kind. Disruption of any campus event is considered a serious offense.

Harmful Devices

To protect public safety, no student is permitted to possess fireworks, explosives, firearms, or other weapons on the campus. Any questions regarding weapons are to be directed to the Student Life office.


Students may not participate in selling products or solicitation on campus, including chain letters or pyramid schemes. This does not include selling personal items or PCA boarding students selling candy for the PCA candy sale. Students who choose to sell items on sites such as Craigslist may not meet buyers or sellers on campus, unless the buyer or seller is related to the PCC ministry.

Food Delivery

Delivery of food from off-campus vendors (such as pizza delivery) is not allowed. The Palms Grille provides convenient room service to residence hall rooms.


Keep in mind that we represent Christ, and our conduct should always glorify the Lord. To help maintain our testimony within the community, college standards should always be upheld, even when students are off campus with guests. PCC students may not go to bars, clubs, casinos, movie theaters, or other locations that may harm one’s personal testimony.

Students are expected to use academic and recreational facilities on the PCC campus and should not go to other college campuses to use their facilities or equipment.

Campus Events

To enrich your student experience, there are various required events on campus outside of classes. For chapel and Student Body, you will have an assigned seat. For class meetings, yearbook photos, Sunday Reflections, Fine Arts, and Commencement, tap your PCC Card to record your attendance.

You will tap your card for academic forums and seminars as required by your major or instructor.

The Activities Planner provides dates and times for these events. Plan to arrive and be seated at least five minutes prior to productions. Cameras and recording equipment are not to be brought into church, chapel, classes, or any other college program.

For Fine Arts, you may bring flowers into the auditoriums, but leave cameras, electronic equipment, and gifts in the coat room.

For banquets, please do not bring either gifts or flower bouquets into the banquet. They may be left in the lobbies (Four Winds or Varsity) or provided coat rooms (MacKenzie Bldg.).

For sporting events, exhibit a positive attitude as a player or spectator. Booing or reacting negatively to players or referees is not acceptable. Wearing bandannas is not permitted.

The Beach

Beach Procedures

Pensacola Beach

Many students enjoy visiting Pensacola’s white beaches and beautiful water. To spend your time at the beach in safety, please keep these things in mind:

  • Stay together in a group of at least three and leave the beach no later than sunset.
  • Men should go to Park East Beach; women should go to Park West Beach.
  • The sun’s rays reflecting off the white sand can cause extreme burning—use plenty of sunscreen and drink lots of water.
  • Be familiar with the beach flag warning system. We recommend swimming on the sound side rather than in the Gulf of Mexico. The Gulf is famous for riptides that can prove fatal for the best of swimmers.
  • For current surf conditions, check Eagle’s Nest or call (850) 932-SURF.

Beach Hazards

Riptide and undertow are caused when strong surf washes a narrow trench through a sandbar. A band of water a few feet wide can get caught in this trough as it rushes from shore, creating a turbulent, fast-flowing current that pulls you into deep water and away from the beach.

Don’t panic, try to fight the current, or attempt to swim straight to shore. Riptide and undertow are narrow bands of water, usually only a few feet wide, and the outward pull diminishes the farther you get from shore. Remain calm. When the current’s pull weakens a little, swim parallel to the beach until you break free from the current; then swim to shore.

Playing in rough surf with its huge rolling waves may look like an adventure, but currents created from these conditions can turn a day of fun into a day of tragedy. Not even the strongest swimmer is a match for the power of water. If you see someone struggling in the water, call 911 immediately. For the best safeguard against beach drownings, watch for posted flag warnings for surf conditions.

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