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Alumni Association

Professional and social engagement that advances you and your alma mater.

Discover the benefits of staying connected to your PCC community and the opportunities to get involved.


Grow your professional and social network

Find old friends from campus and make new contacts instantly with customized search options.


Strengthen your business or ministry

Hire PCC grads and unlock valuable career resources—that take you—or your business—where you want to go.


Contribute to a greater cause

Help empower students to influence their world for Christ through volunteer and financial gift opportunities.


Influence the next generation

Turn your professional experience into a valuable resource—mentor current PCC students.
(Available Fall 2021)

Tell Us Your Story

What have you been doing since graduation?

Graduation is just the beginning.

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June 21–July 1
Seminary/Graduate Studies Session I
July 2–14
Seminary/Graduate Studies Session II
July 4
Independence Day
July 5
Independence Day Observance Personnel Holiday

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