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Employee Services hires for Pensacola Christian College, Abeka Services, Abeka Academy, and Youth Outreach Ministries.

About Us

Pensacola Christian College was established in 1974, primarily as a Christian liberal arts college, and it is dedicated to maintaining the highest academic standards and presenting the vital issues of the day in light of Scripture.

From its inception, Pensacola Christian College has been committed to excellence in higher education that glorifies Christ as the source of all wisdom and knowledge and educates students based on biblical values. The mission and purpose of this institution provide an unchanging charter to direct the present and the vision statement is a guiding compass to navigate the future.

Vision Statement

Our ministry will be distinguished as a growing multifaceted educational organization committed to academic distinction, guided by the biblical worldview, demonstrated through service excellence, supported by innovation and resourcefulness, resulting in thoroughly equipped Christians.

Faculty and staff hired by Pensacola Christian College must be dedicated to training young people for serving God. All Pensacola Christian College employees must be born-again Christians and agree with our Mission Statement, Doctrinal Position, Philosophy of Education, and Employee Commitments. Additionally, faculty members are hired based on professional credentials, education experience, and Christian testimony, as well as perceived ability to succeed performing the General Faculty Duties.

Pensacola Christian College and its related ministries share a common mission to promote the cause of Christ through education, evangelization, and discipleship. All employment opportunities in these ministries have an occupational qualification to be a born-again Christian who freely and without reservation subscribes to the Mission and Purpose, Articles of Faith, and Philosophy of Education.

We believe that when God calls a person to PCC or one of its affiliates, He is also giving a concurrent call to the ministry of Campus Church. Employees who work on campus are expected to regularly attend Campus Church services unless they are long-standing members of another local church in the Pensacola area.

Pensacola Christian College and its related ministries seek to create a workplace culture that promotes spiritual growth, supports this ministry’s overall mission and purpose, and serves as an example to the students we train. The Bible is the object of our faith and practice and guides expectations for daily living. As part of a Christian ministry, each member of the administration, faculty, and staff voluntarily agrees to conduct himself according to moral, ethical, and spiritual principles found in Scripture.

Certain practices do not contribute to spiritual development and can destroy a Christian’s testimony, ultimately damaging possible ministry to students and the surrounding community. Accordingly, employees are expected to refrain from smoking; dancing; gambling; drinking alcoholic beverages; entertainment that promotes nudity, gratuitous violence, profanity, sexual scenes, or satanic themes. We also ask that personnel avoid attending movie theaters as well as events or venues that encourage activities contrary to biblical principles or ministry standards of conduct.

We believe marriage is God’s unique, sacred gift uniting one man and one woman in covenant commitment for a lifetime. Consequently, marriage is the framework for intimate companionship (Heb. 13:4) and the only channel of sexual expression according to biblical standards (Gen. 2:24–25, Rom. 7:2, I Cor. 7:10, Eph. 5:22–23). Therefore, any sexual activity outside of marital relations, including viewing pornography (Psalm 101:3, Job 311:1, Matt. 5:28, Eph. 5:12) and sexual perversions such as adultery, fornication, incest, homosexuality, and lesbianism (Lev. 18:22, Rom. 1:26–27, I Cor. 6:9–10, Eph. 5:31, Jude 7) are unacceptable to God and not permitted for an employee of this ministry

Faculty are hired as academic year (10 month) contract employees following the same procedures as any other employee in the ministry. In addition, professional credentials, education, and experience are considered when hiring and placing faculty members.

In general, college faculty are expected to

  • Provide classroom, laboratory, or private-lesson instruction from a Christian perspective;
  • Keep abreast of current trends and advances in their teaching field;
  • Prepare lessons that are practical in application and experiential in nature and that prepare students for competently serving the Lord in their fields of study;
  • Evaluate student achievement impartially and in accordance with college guidelines;
  • Be available through assigned office hours and additional times as needed to assist students in successfully fulfilling course requirements and achieving course learning outcomes;
  • Advise students in academic pursuits, career preparation, and degree completion;
  • Participate in curriculum development, assessment, review, and modification;
  • Serve as a Christian role model for students by regularly attending Campus Church, chapel, Bible Conference, and other official services as required;
  • Comply with PCC guidelines provided in the Faculty Manual regarding faculty duties and requirements;
  • Fulfill committee assignments, chaperone student events, and complete other college-related tasks as assigned.

Pensacola Christian College and affiliates prohibit discrimination in accordance with the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and are generally exempt from provisions which make discrimination in employment based on religion illegal. Therefore, we retain the right to give preference in hiring to persons who are Christian and adhere to our Articles of Faith, and are in good standing with this organization.
Beyond this religious exception, however, it is our employment practice to tolerate no discrimination in hiring, compensating, promoting, or terminating employees on the basis of an individual’s race, color, sex (except as pastoral staff and seminary faculty needs may require), national origin, marital status, age, disability, past or present membership in the Uniformed Services or Florida National Guard, or any other basis prohibited by local, state, or federal laws.

Faculty Spotlight

Drs. David and Cheryl Gregory faculty feature

Drs. David and Cheryl Gregory

Education Faculty

Drs. David and Cheryl Gregory have been at PCC for 32 years, first arriving on campus as freshmen in 1989. Independently, David and Cheryl were drawn to the College for its affordable and reputable education programs. While each assumed they’d attend college and return home to teach, God had other plans.

Currently, David and Cheryl Gregory teach a variety of courses on the graduate and undergraduate levels. Over the years, the Gregorys have traversed a variety of jobs and positions during their time at PCC, offering them more understanding about the ministries they work with and instruct in. “[PCC] was a ministry where I could invest myself,” said Cheryl. “I tell my education students all the time, don’t hop around with ministries. Find one where you can invest yourself and do it.”

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