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Online Dual Enrollment

Stay One Step Ahead with Dual Enrollment

You’re already on the path to academic success. But have you thought about your next step?

With Online Dual Enrollment from Pensacola Christian College, qualified high school students can take courses that meet high school requirements and count toward college credits.

While your peers wonder what college courses will be like, you’ll already know. Start pursuing your calling, earn credits toward your degree, and experience college expectations as you take courses in a variety of subject areas.

You could graduate from high school with up to a year’s worth of college credits under your belt—and the confidence to thrive on your college journey.


Pensacola Christian College participates in the State Authorization Reciprocity Agreements.

Get ahead on college—saving you time.*

Save money by reducing your future tuition bills.*

Earn college credit for classes you need to take in high school already.

Jumpstart your career potential—and maybe even graduate from college early.

*Depends on major chosen and number of courses taken

Hear from Dual Enrollment Grads

Choose from over 30 Courses

Boost your confidence for college now by excelling in Bible, English, math, history, science, and elective courses. Take up to 2 courses per term, and start earning credits toward a degree. If your school approves, you could earn high school and college credit for each course.

Make Affordable Payments

Get dual enrollment courses for only $120/credit hour plus a $30 Access and Technology Fee per course. Plus, with the payment plan, you can start a 3-credit course for just $97.50!

Take Classes Online

You’ll get the same education quality as on-campus students. But with Dual Enrollment, your courses fit around your high school studies. By taking courses now, you’ll have more time to pursue your interests in college.

Dual enrollment courses are available for the fall, spring, and summer terms. Don’t miss your chance to apply!

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  • A rising sophomore or above,
  • at least 6 high school credits, and
  • a high school GPA of 3.0 or above (3.25 for students with fewer than 12 credits)

In place of ACT, CLT, or SAT scores, applicants may submit scores for any college readiness assessments approved by the Florida State Board of Education. High scores on PCC placement exams may waive the entrance exam requirement.

Also, for international students, the expected minimum TOEFL score is 61 (15 per section).

See full requirements.

You’ll access your courses online through Canvas, an online learning management system where you can watch course videos; turn in assignments; take quizzes and tests; and communicate with other students, your teacher, and the Online Learning Office.

Online dual enrollment courses have the same lectures and course requirements as on-campus college courses. For a 3-credit course, plan to spend about 9 hours a week watching course lectures, studying, and completing course assignments. Plan 6 hours weekly for 2-credit courses and 12 hours weekly for 4-credit courses.

All tests are completed online through Canvas and may be proctored by a remote online proctor or an approved in-person proctor. There is no charge to use remote proctoring.