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Basic Cost

At PCC, you get a quality education from a solid, biblical perspective. You’ll learn from qualified teachers who care about you and enjoy a beautiful campus (in Florida!). But the best part: your education is affordable.

Since 1974, the mission of Pensacola Christian College has been to train Christian leaders to influence the world for Christ and help them afford that training by underwriting a portion of student costs. The actual annual cost to attend PCC as an undergraduate student is approximately $21,800. Yet, PCC students benefit from an estimated yearly personal cost of $12,690 for tuition, room and board, and fees. And with the help of PCC’s financial aid options, students have even more opportunity to reduce that cost.

Although Pensacola Christian College does not accept federal or state funds or government-funded loans, PCC makes college affordable through various scholarships, loans, student employment opportunities, and the Fourth Year Tuition-Free program.

Basic Cost

Annual Tuition and Costs 2022–2023

Total Annual Tuition and Costs Tuition Fees Books & Supplies Room & Board Other (living expenses)

Estimated Total Cost


Avg. Grant & Scholarship Amount


Online Learning, Internships & Practicums

$335.50/per credit hour

Access & Technology Fee
(per course)

  • Online-Learning Courses $170
  • Internships and Practicums $30

Conditional Fees

  • Drop/Add/Change of Course $10
  • Late Registration $25
  • Online-Learning Testing $50
  • Proctor Verification $10

Pre-term, Interterm, Post-term

$335.50/per credit hour
Room and Board

Academy Boarding Students

Tuition per semester is $4,026. Annual tuition may be paid in ten payments of $805.20 each. Because Academy boarding students are on campus seven additional weeks during the academic year, they pay room and board of $2,662 per semester. Annual room and board may be paid in ten payments of $532.40 each. See Health Services Fee also.

*All costs are subject to change.

How does PCC compare to other colleges and universities?

Four years at PCC gives you the highest quality at the most affordable price. Just compare and see for yourself. The cost for each college includes tuition and fees, room and board, estimated books and supplies, and estimated living expenses, and it subtracts the average grant and scholarship amounts that students receive.



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Annual tuition, fees, and room and board are based on the 2021–2022 rates reported on those institutions’ websites. Other schools’ books, supplies, and other living expenses are based on the 2020–2021 National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) College Scorecard. Other school’s average annual grants and scholarships are based on the 2019–2020 NCES College Scorecard.

Financial Aid


See how PCC’s cost can be even more affordable.