Abeka Fund

Abeka Fund provides low-interest loans to deserving students who need help in financing their college education at Pensacola Christian College. Students who meet the Abeka Fund loan requirements may be permitted to borrow up to $5,000 per year for four years. For additional information concerning this program, download the application, send an email to studentloans@abekafund.com, or write to

Abeka Fund
P.O. Box 17100
Pensacola, FL 32522-7100

Sallie Mae Loans

Sallie Mae offers private loans to students. With the Smart Option Student Loan for Undergraduate Students you can receive funds that cover full tuition, room & board, and fees; items such as textbooks, travel expenses, or electronics are not covered. These loans offer fixed, deferred, and interest repayment options, so your main focus can be on earning your college degree. For more information or to apply for Sallie Mae loans, visit salliemae.com (using the Institutional ID 609527-00) or call 1-877-279-7172.

Comparison Chart

Abeka Fund Sallie Mae
Loan Limit Max $5,000
per year
Covers full tuition,
room & board, and fees
Cosigner Cosigner required
(Non-immediate family member)
Cosigner not required
Interest Rate While a full-time student–5.25%
After graduation/withdrawal–7.25%
Fixed or variable interest rates
This is determined by Sallie Mae
Repayment Options Principal payments deferred, semi-annual accrued interest while a student Interest, fixed, or deferred
Repayment Term 7 years 5–15 years
This is determined by Sallie Mae