Campus Life

Campus Life

Campus Life at Pensacola Christian College

College is a journey you’ll never forget. Make it worth remembering.

Whether you’re celebrating an Eagles victory, campaigning for collegian president, or counting down the seconds at the Christmas Lights concert, embrace every opportunity to get involved in campus life at PCC.

Christian Service

Faith and Service

When you enroll at PCC, you’ll enjoy a Christian community that promotes a heart for service. You’ll be encouraged to develop and maintain a close, personal relationship with the Lord.

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Rice Tower
Residence Halls

Residence halls are more than just a place to sleep—they’re a home away from home meant to strengthen friendships, promote learning, and encourage personal growth. The men’s and women’s residence halls are all comfortably furnished, and each room has a private or adjoining bath, a mini-fridge, and wireless internet access.

Friends at Palms
Meals on Campus

You’ll find plenty of breakfast, lunch, and dinner options at the Four Winds or Varsity. Whether you want healthy or gluten-free food or you’d rather have pizza and chicken tenders, you’ll find just what you need. You can also choose from four Grab N Go options at lunch and dinner if you want to enjoy the beautiful weather outside or if you want to study through a meal.


Collegian Student Activities

At PCC, you’re more than just a face in the crowd. When you join our Greek organizations, called collegians, you’ll participate in student-led activities to grow in unity, leadership, academics, and service. Collegians are one of our most timeless traditions that foster connection among peers and help build skills that last well beyond your college years.

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Performance Opportunities

Performance Opportunities

Music Performance

If you play an instrument, perform with the orchestra, symphonic band, Screaming Eagles Pep Band, or even handbell choir.

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Theater Performance

Audition for a part or work behind the scenes in a DP play, which is theater for students, by students. Perform in a Fine Arts play or musical, performed each semester for the entire student body!

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Athletic Opportunities

Athletic Opportunities

Eagle Sports

Cheer on the team at a PCC sports game! Eagles compete with character, resilience, and determination to bring victory home to the nest. Get your tickets to see the Eagles in action.

Visit the Eagle Sports Website


There are so many athletic opportunities at PCC. You can compete on an intercollegiate sports team or intramural team, including soccer, volleyball, softball, basketball, broom hockey, and men’s flag football. Join a team and stay active while having fun.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re looking for a welcoming college environment where faith lies at the center of every class and activity, PCC may be a great choice for you. You’ll feel a sense of community the instant you set foot on campus. With such a tight-knit student population, you’ll feel right at home among friends while you earn your degree.

Living on campus offers the convenience of walking to your classes and easily accessing student resources, such as the library or sports facilities. However, commuter students benefit from saving on housing costs. Choose the option that’s best for you.* You’ll enjoy your time on campus—whether it’s full-time or only when you attend classes, activities, and events.
*Contact admissions to see if you’re eligible to become a PCC commuter student..

Living in the residence halls puts you closer to musicand sports opportunities, collegian Greek organizations, and other social events that will foster connections and build a sense of community. While commuting does hold its own advantages, living on campus can be a wonderful part of the overall college experience. Plus, when you live on campus at PCC, you won’t need to worry about commuting. Spending less time on the road provides more time in your schedule and makes it easier to get to class on time.