Campus Life

Campus Life

College is a journey you’ll never forget. Make it worth remembering.

Whether you’re celebrating an Eagles victory, campaigning for collegian president, or counting down the seconds at the Christmas Lights concert, embrace every opportunity to get involved in campus life.

To find your way around campus, explore our 360° view map or our bird’s-eye view webcams.

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Missions Run
PCC Traditions

For almost 50 years, students have looked forward to our timeless traditions. It’s what brings us together—and sets us apart. Feel the thrill of Greek Rush, or gather on Eagle Field to discover which team will be the next Turkey Bowl champion. Whatever the event, you’ll treasure these memories for years to come.

Friends in Commons
Favorite Spots on Campus

Popular hangout spots around campus include the Sports Center, Commons, Eagle Field, and Field House. The Sports Center houses athletic events and activities where you can relax after a day of classes. The Commons is a great place to grab a coffee or finish up that last project. At Eagle Field, you might gather for a soccer game, a concert, or a picnic with some friends. In the Field House, watch your collegian sports team secure a victory.


At PCC, you’re not just another face in the crowd. You can become part of student-led Greek organizations seeking to grow in unity, leadership, academics, and service. These collegians provide many opportunities to get involved and make connections. Along the way, you’ll have opportunities to develop team spirit, influence your peers, grow in excellence, and serve others.

Eagle Sports

When Eagles compete, they compete with character, resilience, and determination to bring a victory home to the nest—that’s just what Eagles do. While the Eagles strive for victory in men’s basketball and soccer, the Lady Eagles take on opponents in women’s basketball and volleyball. You won’t want to miss the chance to support your favorite team!

Rice Tower
Residence Halls

Residence halls are more than just a place to sleep—they’re a home away from home meant to strengthen friendships, promote learning, and encourage personal growth. The men’s and women’s residence halls are all comfortably furnished, carpeted, and air-conditioned. Each room also has a private or adjoining bath, a mini-fridge, and wireless Internet access.

Friends at Palms
Meals on Campus

You’ll find plenty of breakfast, lunch, and dinner options at the Four Winds or Varsity. Whether you want healthy or gluten-free food or you’d rather have pizza and chicken tenders, you’ll find just what you need. You can also choose from four Grab N Go options at lunch and dinner if you want to enjoy the beautiful weather outside or if you want to study through a meal.