performance opportunities

Performance Opportunities

Whether through required courses or electives, students hone performance skills in several ways on campus. With over 100 concerts, plays, and recitals on campus each year, including 35 student-led dramatic productions, students have plenty of platforms from which to choose. With the performing arts programs, students prepare to communicate effectively and to succeed in both graduate school and future job opportunities. To enhance their communication skills in any field, all students take at least one semester of speech.

Fine Arts Series

Under seasoned directors, students perform dramatic or musical productions. Through acting, singing, or volunteering behind the scenes, students increase appreciation for quality productions and creative collaboration in a Christ-centered artistic community. Recent productions include Treasure Island, H.M.S. Pinafore, Christmas Carol, and La Bohème.

Dramatic Productions

Dramatic Productions are performances for students by students and are a favorite with the student body. While the set design, scriptwriting, and directing are accomplished by those enrolled in Dramatic Production classes, all other positions—actor, crew, host—are filled by interested students.

Graduate Productions

Graduate Productions are directed by graduate students fulfilling their course requirements. All students are invited to audition for a role, volunteer for backstage crew, or assist with lighting and sound.