Master of Arts Degree in Bible Exposition

Pensacola Theological Seminary

Prepare for a lifetime of ministry influence with Pensacola Theological Seminary. You’ll grow deeper in the knowledge of God’s Word, experience focused mentorship involving fellow ministry leaders from a Baptist perspective, and graduate prepared to serve wherever God calls you.

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Content-Based Approach
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Content-based Approach

Pensacola Theological Seminary has a Biblicist approach in its graduate Bible program. The goal of our Bible program is to fill our students’ souls with the Word of God itself. At PTS, meditating on God’s Word and ministering with God’s Word go hand in hand.

Practical Preparation
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Practical Preparation

Service is the essence of ministry, and true leadership is impossible without a servant’s heart. Pensacola Theological Seminary prepares servant-leaders to share the gospel boldly, preach the Word clearly, and minister to others faithfully.

Flexible Learning
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Flexible Learning

Whether online, a modular class, or a traditional semester class, PTS offers students maximum flexibility for completing degree programs. Choose a learning style that best fits your schedule and continue fulfilling your ministry responsibilities.

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Tuition is $495.90 per credit hour. To help with tuition costs, PTS offers various financial aid options to qualified graduate students: the Abeka Fund Loan, Sallie Mae Loans, and private scholarships.

PTS students can work on campus while earning a degree debt-free through the Graduate Assistant Program.

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Dr. Dan Rushing

Meet the Dean of
Pensacola Theological Seminary

Dr. Dan Rushing

B.A., M.A., Pensacola Christian College
M.Div., D.Min., Pensacola Theological Seminary
Doctoral study: Baptist Bible Seminary

The Division of Biblical Studies comprises the Bible department, which offers undergraduate Bible degrees along with graduate degrees offered under the auspices of Pensacola Theological Seminary.


Online Education

Earn your degree when and where it works for you.

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On-Campus Education

Learn alongside like-minded students on a beautiful campus. Summer classes available!

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Degree Programs

Pensacola Theological Seminary (PTS) offers courses that will prepare you for the rest of your life serving Christ. Whether you want to focus on improving your skills as a community leader, be a creator of church music, or expand your knowledge of the Bible and biblical languages, you will find a program to help you achieve those goals.

Many of these programs are built to provide skills that can help pastors, laypersons, and missionaries be more effective in ministry. But even if you’re simply seeking a more robust understanding of the Bible or want to deepen your relationship with God, these programs will help you accomplish that.

If you’re concerned about covering tuition costs, you may want to consider applying for the Graduate Assistant (GA) Program, where students work for PCC to cover tuition expenses while completing their coursework. The GA Program is applicable to most of the seminary degrees offered at PCC, so be sure to ask your academic advisor about the program or contact us for more details.

Graduate Studies

Move your ministry forward with carefully designed residential and online degree and certificate program options at Pensacola Theological Seminary.

Go at Your Own Pace

You’ll have the flexibility to work while completing your master’s degree, scheduling courses at a pace that works for you. Most students complete the requirements in 2–3 years, but you will have up to 7 years to graduate. Doctoral students must complete their required credits in 6 years, but those pursuing a Bible graduate certificate can finish in as little as 7 months*.

If you are interested in working on campus, PCC has limited employment opportunities available. And online classes make it easy to earn your degree while working—on campus or off.

*Time to finish depends on certificate chosen, start date, and course rotations. Coursework could extend to 4 semesters.

Frequently Asked Questions

When you graduate from Pensacola Theological Seminary, you’ll be fully equipped for your next step. PTS will help you enhance your biblical knowledge and connect with your ministry in new ways.

Most seminary degrees are available totally online. And online learning at PCC is structured the same way as our on-campus curriculum. So, you’ll get all the same material and access to teachers that you would have in a classroom with the ability to complete your degree at your own pace . . . from anywhere. Online seminary classes can be an especially convenient choice for students with families or those who are currently working in the ministry.

Yes! The Graduate Assistant Program at PCC is designed to help students earn their master’s degree without ever receiving a tuition bill. Through this program, students work for the school while attending classes on campus. Contracts last between 2 and 3 years. Learn more about our Graduate Assistant Program.

There are many career paths available to you after you complete your seminary requirements. Whether you choose to pursue Christian education, pastoral, or chaplaincy roles—your training will fully support your unique calling.

What Students Say

The online degree from PTS was an easy decision for me. For years I had wanted to complete an M.Div. program. The challenge was finding a school that promoted the fundamentals and values that were important to me, as well as carrying their entire program online. Full-time ministry kept me from residency requirements, and the PTS online degree made all that possible.

—Michael Hubers

M.A. in Bible Exposition, ’12

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Get a feel for what seminary classes are like at PTS! Faculty are committed to providing students with an immersive experience, whether they’re taking classes in person or online.

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