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The Bible department has a fourfold purpose for every student: (1) provide a firm foundation for teaching spiritual truths; (2) provide training in practical application of students’ knowledge of the Word of God; (3) give the student a proper understanding of and appreciation for the Scriptures as the inerrant, infallible, and authoritative Word of God; and (4) give the student a proper understanding of himself in relation to Almighty God as a redeemed sinner who has become a son with a servant’s heart. Therefore, all students take Bible courses as a part of their general requirements.

Dr. Dan Rushing

Dean of Biblical Studies

Dr. Jody Wolf

Chair of Bible Department

Whether you’re preparing to work in full-time ministry or simply desire to focus your academic study on the Bible, PCC’s Bible department will help you expand your knowledge of God’s Word, your heart for others, and your ability to effectively serve the Lord.

Bible classes—as well as every single class at PCC—are permeated with a deep respect for the accuracy and authority of God’s Word. You’ll increase your knowledge and your practical ministry skills, mentored by experienced, godly faculty members who see your ministry preparation as their ministry.

Apply what you learn in the classroom with plenty of opportunities to preach, teach, and serve alongside other men and women who love the Lord—in a class setting, in local Christian service ministries, on summer missions trips, or in many areas of the Campus Church.

The Division of Biblical Studies comprises the Bible department, which offers undergraduate Bible degrees along with graduate degrees offered under the auspices of Pensacola Theological Seminary.

Quick Facts


Hours of in-class preaching exposure for pastoral ministries major


Local churches working with PCC Bible-major interns


Ministry opportunities on and off campus


Combined years of pastoral experience among Bible faculty

Department News

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While medically retired from the U.S. Army and Bureau of Prisons, Cliff Jones shares God’s peace to those who need it the most.

Matt and Dallita Goins: God Works Through It All

For the past 15 years, Matt and Dallita Goins have served as a pastoring missionary family in Honduras.