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Earn a graduate certificate from Pensacola Theological Seminary.

When you choose Pensacola Theological Seminary, you’re not just choosing an excellent, Bible-based approach to education. You’re choosing to take a step toward deepening your walk with God and expanding your personal ministry opportunities. If you previously earned a bachelor’s degree, earning your graduate certificate could be the perfect next step. A graduate certificate is a smaller time commitment than getting a master’s degree—but you’ll still advance your education.

Grow as a servant leader through classes that balance meditating on and ministering with God’s Word. And the whole way, you’ll be supported by caring seminary faculty. They’ll skillfully guide your learning through lecture-based study rather than just giving reading assignments, giving you the confidence you need to increase your service opportunities and strengthen your understanding of Scripture.

Your Next Step

Whether you’re a pastor, Sunday school teacher, or layperson, if you have a desire to gain foundational biblical knowledge, a graduate certificate can help you reach your goals.


Complete your coursework wherever works for you. Graduate certificate programs are offered fully online, on campus, or in a blended format, allowing you to finish in as little as 7 months!* If you choose online study, classroom lectures are recorded and available online.

*Time to finish depends on certificate chosen, start date, and course rotations. Coursework could extend to 4 semesters; talk to a counselor for more details.


Save money with low tuition rates! Whether online or on campus, tuition is only $495.90 per credit hour. See financial info.
And you could even begin for free!


Easily apply the credits* you’ve earned toward a seminary degree to further expand your opportunities.
Check out the admission requirements!

*Classes taken for one certificate program cannot be applied to another certificate program.

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Admission Requirements

In addition to holding a bachelor’s degree with a minimum 2.00 cumulative GPA, you must also submit:

Graduate Certificate Programs Designed for You

Increase your love for Scripture and your mastery of biblical theology as you take advanced classes that focus on the background and content of each book of the Bible.

Learn biblical guidelines for practical Christian living while getting a focused study of New Testament history and theology.

Study the Old Testament canon, text, and inspiration and make applications to your personal life and ministry.

Gain practical skills for local church ministry and learn how to effectively shepherd a congregation.

Expand your knowledge of biblical theology and doctrines like soteriology, Christology, ecclesiology, and eschatology.

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