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Graduate Assistant Program

Pursuing a graduate degree can be easier and more affordable than you think. The Graduate Assistant Program at PCC will allow you to get a master’s, specialist, or even doctoral degree—minus the price tag.

As a graduate assistant (GA), you’ll take the same two or three years to graduate as a regular full-time graduate student would while working part-time.

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The program operates like a scholarship, accepting only a select number of candidates each year to become graduate assistants.

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What Students Say

When you are in the GA Program, you’re not just furthering your education academically, but also practically by becoming a leader at work—wherever you’re placed. You’re sharpening your leadership skills and growing in your faith on a daily basis, while learning from faculty with years of experience.

Lois Cing

Educational Leadership student


GAs will work 20–28 hours per week depending on their academic program and citizenship.

Work Placement

Graduate assistant jobs cover a diverse range of positions—from facilities management to teaching to Abeka Publishing.

Placement is based on ministry needs and may vary from semester to semester. You may also be placed in more than one work area. Your work experience will be valuable no matter the position(s) you hold, related or unrelated to your field.

Because ministry needs can change very quickly, we will not be able to inform you of job placement in advance of each semester.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Bachelor’s degree (master’s with a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA for Ed.S.)
  • Minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA (2.0 for M.Div. degree)
  • Contract length is 2 or 3 years (depending on program of study)

It can be hard to know when the moment is right in your life to pursue higher education. Just like many life changes, there may never be a perfect time. However, some indicators that can help students feel like it might be time to apply to grad school include:

  • You’ve reached the highest position or earning potential available with your current credentials.
  • You have a specific career goal in mind that can only be achieved with a master’s degree.
  • You’re interested in pivoting into a different field or discipline.
  • You’ve identified a specific academic area that you’d like to become an expert in.

Those are just a few common examples of reasons some students choose to enter graduate programs, but at the end of the day, you’ll know when the timing is right for you.

No, but summer work positions are available to increase your earnings.

Keep the 3.0 GPA (2.0 for M.Div. degree) required for your graduate program, stay in good standing at work, complete your degree in the specified time given in your contract, and follow the policies outlined in the Graduate Assistant Handbook.

As long as students achieve satisfactory academic performance, every fee related to earning your graduate degree is covered by your GA scholarship. Students who fail a course and have to take it again are responsible for the cost of that course.

You will be responsible for housing ($105 per month), books, and other class supplies. Since your assistantship is a scholarship, you will not be taxed on its value. GAs with kitchens can provide their own food, but all GAs may eat in the dining halls and are only charged the tax value on meals.

GAs sign a contract that generally begins in August and requires attendance at the opening All Personnel Meeting (usually two weeks before fall semester starts). In some circumstances, you may request to begin in January.

All degree programs except M.A. in Studio Art and M.A. in Graphic Design will have between one and four 9-day classes during the summer.

Yes, but housing is not guaranteed. Talk to the Housing Coordinator about your specific circumstances and we will do our best to accommodate your needs. Housing for families with children are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

You’ll receive a two-week unpaid vacation between semesters at Christmas, generally starting the week before Christmas and ending the day after New Year’s.

As a 10-month employee, your only responsibilities in the summer are summer classes. You may choose to work during the weeks that you are not taking classes and make up to $520 a week.

Yes, unless you are earning a seminary degree and have received prior approval to intern at a local church. There are many exciting opportunities for you to get involved and become part of the church family.

Apply and be accepted into the graduate program. While applying, indicate your interest in the GA Program. Once you’re accepted, you will be given access to Workday in your Applicant Portal, where you can complete an employment application for the GA Program. You will also be reminded to complete your GA application when you receive your ‘Final Acceptance’ email.

A limited number of doctoral graduate assistantships may also be available. Contact the Seminary-Graduate Studies Office at or 850-478-8496, ext. 5241, for details.