Master of Business Administration Degree

Information Technology Management

Information Technology Management Specialization, Master of Business Administration Degree

Credit information

Credit hours: 33

Avg. years to finish: 2

$495.90 per credit hour (2024–2025)

$384.43 monthly cost for online class with payment plan (4 total payments, 3-credit class).

Study Options


  • Online, with 2 on-campus courses
  • 8-week Sessions

On Campus

  • On-Campus, with 4 summer courses

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The purpose of this degree is to develop God-honoring leaders who will exhibit a Christ-centered focus in their professional and personal lives by equipping them with the practical skills needed to manage today’s information systems, to be successful in a new or existing business, and/or oversee the business needs of a Christian ministry.

IT management and traditional management have similarities, such as recruiting, controlling, and budgeting. Yet, IT has grown to become such an integral part of organizations today touching every facet of 21st century businesses. PCC’s MBA with an IT Management specialization will equip you to manage a business along with the technological resources needed to ensure your business’ success.
Dr. Mike Geary, Chair of Engineering and Computer Science Department

Learning Outcomes

You’ll be able to

  • assess legal, regulatory, and political ramifications of ethical issues concerning the business environment.
  • make ethical and moral choices based on a biblical worldview.
  • communicate effectively in written and oral presentations.
  • apply technology to acquire and use data as a strategic resource.
  • identify preferred leadership behavior, attitudes, and styles to effectively manage an organization in a dynamic global environment.
  • use current economic and financial models and theories for analyzing data and forecasting as it relates to the organization, industry, and global forces.
  • analyze business opportunities to develop strategic solutions to organizational goals and objectives.
  • relate knowledge to practical experiences.
  • provide solutions for an organization’s decision making and information technology needs.

Information Technology Management Specialization Courses

Course Requirements

Managing Technology and Information Systems Also available online.
Project Management
Ethical and Legal Environment of Business Also available online.
Human Resource Management or Business Strategy and Analysis Also available online.
Advanced Statistical Analysis Also available online.
Computer and Information Security Also available online.
Data Analytics
Accounting for Decision Making Also available online.
Managerial Finance Also available online.
Marketing Strategy Also available online.
Strategic Organizational Leadership Also available online.

An applicant is not required to have majored in business on the undergraduate level. However, certain core competencies from undergraduate courses must be demonstrated (with at least a “C-”) to register for some required M.B.A. courses. Core competencies that meet requirements are listed below (along with PCC courses).

A student may begin M.B.A. courses prior to meeting all competency requirements.

  • Accounting—Introductory courses (AC 231 and 232)
  • Computer Security—Introductory course (CS 271)
  • Database—Introductory course (BA 330 or CS 303)
  • Finance—Corporate Finance—one year (BA 301 and 302)
  • Marketing—Foundational course (MK 204)
  • Statistics—Upper-level course (BA 322 or MA 326)

Students may satisfy these core competencies while taking M.B.A. courses, but the time to complete the M.B.A. will increase.

All Applicants Must Submit the Following:

For more information, see General Admission Requirements.

All coursework can be completed on campus in four fall/spring semesters and one summer term. Minimum on-campus requirements can be completed in one summer term, with the remaining courses taken online. All core competencies except Computer Security and Database are available via online learning. Students may satisfy core competencies while taking M.B.A. courses; however, the time required to complete the M.B.A. degree should be expected to increase.

Students enrolled in BA 600, 642, and 677 are required to own a personal laptop for use in class. An SPSS subscription is also required; laptop specifications must meet minimum SPSS system requirements.

  • Online-learning sessions have multiple start dates throughout the fall, spring, and summer semesters.
  • On-campus semesters begin each fall and spring with select 9-day summer sessions.

See the Calendar of Events for more information.

Your Master of Business Administration must be completed within 7 years.

Top FAQs

While you’ll get the same full-length lectures as on-campus students, they’re prerecorded in-classroom so you can fit them around your schedule. Every lecture will be available 24/7 on your easy-to-use online dashboard.

PCC accepts or rejects credits based on its own institutional criteria, regardless of whether or not the school transferring credit is accredited.

At least 50 percent of the total credits required for a graduate degree must be completed at PTS or PCC. For more details, see academic credit policies.

Feel free to take semesters off when you need to! If you take off 12 months or more between classes, though, you’ll be considered a reenrolling student and need to reapply. Also keep in mind you have 7 years to complete your degree.

See course listing for all available courses.