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Courses that do not have a term notation are not offered on a set rotation. See course offerings for online-learning course rotations by term. The number of semester credit hours which a course carries is listed in parentheses following the course title.

BA 511 Managing Technology and Information Systems (3) Offered on campus: Fall; online: Fall, Summer odd. This course focuses on the effective use of technology as a strategic resource. Students learn contemporary issues such as information technology (IT) resource planning and management, e-commerce, enterprise systems, and systems planning and integration. Emphasis is placed on practical application of this knowledge to individual areas of interest. The role of integrating effective IT systems into an organization’s culture is the focal point of this course.

BA 522 Project Management (3) Offered on campus: Summer. Prereq.: BA 511. Students will gain practical knowledge and application in the areas related to planning, managing, and controlling IT-related projects. Students will be presented with issues involving technology strategy and implementation as well as budgeting, stakeholder demands, global issues, and society.

BA 523 Managerial Communication (3) Offered on campus: Fall; online: Fall even, Summer odd. This practical communications course is designed to prepare the M.B.A. student to write clear, concise messages from a managerial perspective and to develop, as well as deliver, boardroom-level presentations. Students will apply communication principles to a variety of business settings, including writing memorandums to administrators and employees, handling the communications aspect of a crisis situation, preparing and delivering a meeting agenda, conducting performance appraisals, dealing with international audiences, and presenting a proposal for change within an organization.

BA 535 Ethical and Legal Environment of Business (3) Offered on campus: Spring; online: Spring even, Summer odd. This course concentrates on how the ethical and legal components of a business affect the various stakeholders within business management. Students will learn to apply biblical ethical principles and values to business-related problems to reach moral decisions. Various ethical theories and the ethical responsibility of business to society and employees, as well as moral rights of employees, will be examined. In addition, an understanding of constitutional law, statutory law, case law, and administrative rules will be developed.

BA 582 Human Resource Management (3) Offered on campus: Spring; online: Spring odd, Summer even. The fundamental concepts and current issues involved in human resource management will be examined in light of their practical application. These concepts and issues include the recruitment, selection, placement, training, evaluation, development, compensation, and promotion of employees. Students will learn organizational topics such as structure, culture, policies and procedures, job design, employee-management relations, management development, and workplace legislation.

BA 600 Advanced Statistical Analysis (3) Offered on campus: Summer; online: Fall, Spring, Summer. Competency: Statistics. This course teaches forecasting and econometric modeling principles used in business decision making. Students examine exploring data, handling outliers, correlation, single- and multiple-regression modeling, model assumption checking, residual analysis, ANOVA, various forecasting methods, and comparing means (the t-test). In addition, students analyze data with SPSS and Microsoft Excel using these statistical methods to be able to make better and more informed decisions and to ensure the long-run success of a business.

BA 622 Computer and Information Security (3) Offered on campus: Summer; online: Fall. Competency: Computer Security. Students learn and apply principles of information security to secure physical and digital assets related to information technology. A key component involves the planning and development of security implementations, policies, and responses to security-related incidents including incident response, contingency planning, and disaster recovery.

BA 626 Data Analytics (3) Offered on campus: Summer. Competency: Database. Prereq.: BA 511 and 600. Students learn concepts related to managing database systems, such as design and storage, structured query language (SQL), and data mining. These concepts will be used to apply data-driven techniques to managerial decision making.

BA 642 Business Strategy and Analysis (3) Offered on campus: Fall; online: Fall even, Summer odd. Competency: Economics. Prereq.: BA 600. Students apply principles such as supply and demand, price and costing relationships, firm competitiveness, and market forces in making intelligent organizational decisions to accomplish both stewardship and efficiency. Students will also demonstrate an understanding of strategic decisions related to financial and economic analysis.

BA 654 Accounting for Decision Making (3) Offered on campus: Spring; online: Spring odd, Summer even. Competency: Accounting. Students will learn managerial accounting with an emphasis on the interpretation, analysis, and use of accounting data for internal reporting and decision making. Students will examine management issues from the perspective of manufacturing and service through extensive use of spreadsheets and constructs. Relevant cost analyses, performance evaluation, budgeting, and variance analysis are also discussed.

BA 668 Managerial Finance (3) Offered on campus: Spring; online: Spring even, Summer odd. Competency: Finance. Prereq.: BA 600. Students will examine financial analysis and forecasting, capital budgeting, cost of capital, long-term financial policy, and working capital within the framework of risk and time-value of money and will apply this knowledge to the managerial decision-making process. The use of financial models will demonstrate the students’ decision-making skills.

BA 677 Marketing Strategy (3) Offered on campus: Fall; online: Fall odd, Summer even. Competency: Marketing. Prereq.: BA 600. Using case analysis, students will learn to make and evaluate strategic marketing decisions from planning through implementation. The student will develop a marketing plan and complete statistical analysis.

BA 680 Strategic Organizational Leadership (3) Offered on campus: Fall, Spring; online: Spring, Summer even. Prereq.: Graduating M.B.A. student. This capstone course is designed to equip the student for leadership positions in a dynamic global environment. Students will demonstrate comprehension in major leadership theories of change management, organizational effectiveness, and communication as they interact with organizational design. These concepts will be studied from a Christian perspective. Students will investigate the meaning and practice of leadership and of increasing organizational effectiveness.