We’re in this together.

It’s our privilege to partner with you during this exciting new chapter! As your son or daughter makes the transition to college, you can rest easy knowing that your student will have the the tools and guidance to succeed! PCC is committed to providing a safe, friendly environment where students can grow—and thrive.

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PCC students benefit from a holistic approach to education guided by a biblical worldview and curated for success.

Authorized Access

Encourage your student to stay up to date on campus life, class grades, and student email through Eagle’s Nest, our online student portal. If you’d like an inside look at your student’s portal, you can request Authorized Access from your student.


View or download the latest online version of the PCC Catalog.

academic help

Spiritual Growth

Your student can take advantage of numerous opportunities for spiritual encouragement and outreach.

Chapel Messages

College chapel meets four times each week and is a source of spiritual exhortation and enrichment, vital to Christian growth. Hear select chapel messages online.

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Campus Life

Stay in touch with what’s happening on campus! Join us for events either in-person or virtually and let us know how we can help you support your student’s journey.

Watch Site

Watch PCC lets you view video content, including livestreamed events and music videos produced on campus.

On your smart TV, head to Roku or the Apple TV app store and search for “Watch PCC.”

Campus Services

Payment Center

Easily pay your student’s bill either as a guest or as an authorized payer.

Add Funds to PCC Card

Add funds for your student to use anywhere on campus—including at laundry machines, the Common Grounds Café, and The Palms.

Care Packages & Campus Store Gifts

Brighten your student’s day with a surprise care package or gift from the Campus Store.

Online Ordering

The easiest way for your student to order, pay for, and pick up favorite food or drinks from Papa Johns, The Grille, Chick-fil-A, and Common Grounds Café!

Medical Services

PCC’s on-campus Graf Clinic, staffed by medical professionals from Baptist Medical Group, provides health care for illness and injury during clinic hours.

Safety and Security

Emergency Management Website

PCC Emergency Management works to keep campus safe. You can check Emergency Operations Status, find Security contact information, and see emergency plan guidelines.


Parent FAQs

  • Do you offer tutoring and academic assistance?

    Students can make an appointment with the PCC Care Office through Eagle’s Nest, by email, or by visiting the office to receive tutoring and academic support.

  • Can I view my student’s grades?

    You can request Authorized Access to your student’s online portal, but we encourage you to discuss this with your student, as students must grant individuals access to view grades and other personal information. You can request access here.

  • How can my student access routine or emergency medical care?

    Students can make appointments at the Graf Clinic for all primary care needs. The Graf also offers rides to off-campus medical appointments for students without access to transportation. Students can submit a Medical Transportation Request at eaglesnest.pcci.edu/MedicalTransportation.

    For emergency medical assistance, Safety and Security (ext. 555) has trained medical responders available 24/7. Additionally, the Pensacola area has several emergency medical centers near campus.

  • What accommodations are made for physically disabled students?

    Physically disabled students live on residence hall first floors to help them exit in an emergency, and their rooms have additional accommodations.

    All buildings and sidewalks on campus are handicap-accessible via accessibility ramps. Additionally, we provide handicap and limited-mobility parking on campus.

  • How is PCC prepared to respond to weather emergencies like hurricanes?

    PCC buildings are all built specifically to withstand hurricane-force winds.

    PCC Emergency Operations has team members from all campus departments that serve students. In the event of a weather emergency, this team tailors their response to fit the situation and best provide students with protection, safety, and care.

    You can find information about planning, services, shelters, and overall response here.

  • Are counseling services available to students?
    Are these services confidential?

    Your student can set up an appointment to receive short-term biblical guidance sessions and prayerful encouragement from dedicated PCC Care staff, along with referrals for long-term counseling, if necessary. All sessions are completely confidential.

  • Does Campus Church provide opportunities for students to serve?

    Campus Church works to give each student service opportunities. Students can serve in Campus Church nursery, Master Clubs, choir, and Sunday school.

  • If students have roommate issues, what should they do?

    Students should first try to work out the issue with their roommate personally. If that is unsuccessful, they can contact their Residence Assistant, who will assist and mediate a room meeting, if necessary. For further assistance, students can contact their Residence Manager.

  • How can my student try out for an Eagles team? Are there other ways to be involved in sports?

    Students interested in trying out for the Eagles can fill out an interest questionnaire.

    Besides Eagles sports, we have an intramural sports program that all collegians can participate in. All 48 collegians have 5–6 major sports and 14–16 minor sports per year.

  • How can my student get more involved in campus life?

    Students are encouraged to connect with their collegian officers to discover opportunities to get involved. If they need further assistance, they can also stop by the Student Activities Office in AC-1 or email StudentActivities@pcci.edu.

  • What accommodations are made for students without cars?

    Shuttles run from PCC to local shopping areas every Saturday and on some holidays. Detailed instructions on how your student can sign up for and use the campus shuttle service are on Eagle’s Nest. Student workers with PCC-affiliated off-campus jobs, like PCA and the Print Shop, can sign up for a free work shuttle. They can contact their work supervisor for help or more info.

  • How can my student get help with technology?

    For technology questions and assistance, students can visit the IT Help Desk in A-3 or email StudentTechHelp@pcci.edu.

  • If my student needs help and isn’t sure where to go, what should he do?

    Students can contact their RA, RM, or the PCC Care Office to be connected with the right resources.

  • How can I stay connected to my student’s experience at PCC?

    Request Authorized Access to your student’s online portal, follow us on social media, attend campus events, and livestream church services, performances, and campus events.

  • How do I address mail to my student?

    Student Name
    Box Number
    250 Brent Lane
    Pensacola, FL 32503

Have more questions?
Feel free to reach out!
email info@pcci.edu