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Strengthen your walk with God through faith and service opportunities at Pensacola Christian College. You’ll find an atmosphere that promotes a heart for service and encourages you to develop and maintain a close, personal relationship with the Lord.

Continue Your Spiritual Journey

See how you can foster personal spiritual growth and renew your faith regularly.

Campus Church
Campus Church

As a student, you’ll attend services at Campus Church, a local independent Baptist church. The church is also open to the public and provides an opportunity for the community to gather in fellowship.

Bible Study Groups, in-home fellowship groups, choirs, children’s ministry, and even sign language classes are all available.

In addition to outreach in the local community, Campus Church supports missionaries in 30 countries as a way to share God’s Word abroad.

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Chapel Services

College chapel meets four times each week and is a source of spiritual exhortation and enrichment, vital to Christian growth. Each year, you’ll hear outstanding evangelists, pastors, and missionaries preach in chapel.

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“I came to school to learn about computer science, but God has shown me that there is so much more to learn. He has shown me that PCC isn’t just about studying and getting good grades; it’s about learning more about our personal God through amazing preachers and growing in my relationship with Him.”

Danny ’14

Use Your Gifts to Influence the World for Christ

Explore the many ministry and service options available to you at PCC and find an area you’re passionate about.


Students involved in local ministry weekly

Mission Prayer Band

Support the important work of missionaries through prayer. Each week, PCC students gather to learn about active missions and pray for those who dedicate their lives to sharing the Word of God.

Christian Service

The focus on Christ extends into the community by serving the needs of others. Whether through student ministry, nursing home visits, Bible clubs, puppet ministry, or door-to-door visitation, you’ll find many ways to serve God by serving others.

“When I first came here, I did not anticipate the amazing ministry opportunity God was going to give me. I have been able to minister to the girls at the juvenile justice center for over two years. Through leading this ministry, God has taught me how every question and problem has an answer in the Bible. God has blessed this ministry and allowed us to see many girls be saved and grow spiritually. God also blessed us by allowing us to form a close relationship with the guards so we could not only pray with and for them but also witness to many of them. I thank God for this privilege to serve!”


Christian Service Expo

The Christian Service Expo occurs at the beginning of each semester. Students set up displays and prepare presentations that help inspire connections with others.

This Crowne Centre event brings everyone in the PCC community together and encourages new students to discover service opportunities.

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Serving Beyond School

By applying spiritual training from class, church, and chapel, you’ll develop a servant’s heart and prepare for a life of Christian service and soul winning wherever God leads you. Our many student ministry opportunities include sharing the gospel, serving in a community work project, or learning about and praying for the needs of others around the world. Contact the Student Ministry Coordinator to learn more.


Countries have heard the Word of God from PCC students


Student-led ministry opportunities


Students volunteered in their community at Serve Pensacola (2022)

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are enrolled at PCC, you are expected to attend Campus Church. While many of the service opportunities offered through PCC are optional, most students enjoy participating in the activities and use their time in school to further their spiritual walk with Christ.

Each week, PCC students, faculty, staff, and hundreds from the Pensacola area join together to worship at Campus Church.

When you become involved in church and service opportunities, you experience spiritual growth and strengthen your relationship with the Christian community at PCC and beyond.

As a student involved in ministry at PCC, you’ll share the Word of God through opportunities like Christian Service, Serve Pensacola, and Mission Projects. And starting is easy; contact the Student Ministry Coordinator.