Collegian during Greek Rush


What are Collegians?

Collegians are student-led organizations that provide a space to meet people you wouldn’t normally meet! Collegians broaden your horizons and let you get to know people other than those in your major or in your residence hall. The activities offered through collegians are a chance for you to make memories and build friendships.

There are currently forty-eight collegians, each deriving its name from Greek letters and each with its own mascot. You’ll forge friendships that will last the rest of your life, regardless of which collegian you choose.

The Four Pillars of PCC Collegians

Even though every collegian has its own personality, they all share the same foundational purpose. Every member strives to achieve excellence in these four pillars:

UnityUnity: Building and fostering friendships through shared experiences

AcademicsAcademics: Developing excellence through study groups

LeadershipLeadership: Taking ownership by directing projects and events

ServiceService: Assisting others on campus and in the community

Greek Life at Pensacola Christian College

The excitement of being part of a collegian at PCC is never more evident than during Greek Rush and Greek Week events. Catch a glimpse of the action.

Greek Rush: The second Friday of each school year, collegians host Greek Rush to display their collegian spirit and attract new members.

Greek Week: During Greek Week, the four pillars of collegian life are celebrated through student-led activities such as chariot races, trivia games, food trucks, and more.

Turkey Bowl: Cheer for your team as the top men’s and women’s collegiate soccer teams battle for the Turkey Bowl championship.

Collegian Meetings and Activities

Lively collegian meetings are held several times during the semester. Singing hymns, organizing outreach projects, and listening to an uplifting devotional are just a few examples of the activities that take place during meetings. Collegians can also help you develop student leadership abilities by giving you the chance to plan meetings, service opportunities, outings, and other activities.

Sports Activities
Sports Activities

As a collegian member, you can participate in major and minor intramural sports that occur throughout the semester. Seasonal major sports include soccer, volleyball, broom hockey, basketball, flag football, and softball and culminate in an exciting championship game. You could join your collegian in a single-day minor sports tournament like table tennis, bowling, and track and field. Winners for both minor and major sports competitions earn points toward the Collegian of the Year award.

Christian Service
Christian Service

Connect with your friends while serving God. As collegian members, on- and off-campus service projects are a key part of the experience. Many collegians sponsor a Christian Service activity with groups going to nursing homes, leading Bible clubs, or witnessing door-to-door in the Pensacola area.


Each year, collegians plan members-only outings where you can spend time off campus with your collegian. Popular activities include go-carting, paintball, laser tag, water park activities, indoor rock climbing, dolphin cruises, and more. Of course, there’s always plenty of good food!