Collegians are student-led organizations that provide unity, academic, leadership, and service opportunities to the student body. There are currently forty-eight collegians, each deriving its name from Greek letters, and each collegian with its own mascot.

Collegian Meetings

Spirited collegian meetings are held several times during the semester featuring songs and skits, important collegian news, a devotional, and more. Collegians also help develop student leadership abilities as officers and members are responsible for planning meetings, outings, and other activities.

Four Pillars

Through their collegian experience, students grow in four main areas:

Collegian Unity


Exercising teamwork to accomplish a goal.

Collegian Academics


Developing excellence through tutoring opportunities.

Student Leadership


Taking ownership by directing projects and events.

Student Service


Assisting others on campus and in the community.

Exciting Sports Activities

Collegians provide the framework for intramural competition in soccer, tennis, volleyball, softball, basketball, table tennis, track and field, bowling, swimming, racquetball, wallyball, broom ice hockey, water polo, sailing, kayaking, golf, and men’s flag football. Any member can volunteer for his collegian’s teams. Friendly competition leads to a championship in each sport. Winning a sports championship earns points toward an overall collegian sports championship at the end of the year.

Christian Service

Christian service opportunities for on- and off-campus activities are a part of collegians. Many collegians sponsor a Christian Service activity with groups going to nursing homes, Bible clubs, or witnessing door-to-door in the Pensacola area.


Each year collegians plan members-only outings. Popular activities include go-carting, paintball, laser tag, waterpark activities, indoor rock climbing, Gulf of Mexico cruises, or other activities chosen by the collegian. Of course, plenty of good food is always a part of the outing! Late night exclusive-use outings are very popular as they provide special opportunities to fully enjoy favorite activities.

Greek Rush

Noise, color, fun, food, and spirited excitement are all rolled into one great scene at PCC’s Greek Rush.

Forty-eight collegians (each with its own name, Greek letters, colors, and mascot) host Greek Rush the second Friday of each school year to display their collegian spirit and attract new members.

Collegian officers choose a unique theme and prepare weeks in advance competing for the most imaginative, colorful exhibit booths and parade entries. Themes range from Hawaiian to safari to the old West, and cheering collegian members ride down Main Drive on classic cars, horses, fire trucks, motorcycles, and decorated floats. The parade is complete with music and showers of candy thrown to cheering crowds.

New students are always greeted with this special welcome we call Greek Rush.