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During the summer months and a few weeks in January, Proclaim Ministry teams travel and minister to churches, Christian schools, camps, and other venues. Consisting of current students from various academic fields, each team is prepared to perform special music and skits and to share testimonies. They often work on special projects, prepare for VBS, and assist with a number of church events.

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In the fall and spring, a college rep would love to personally share about PCC at schools, churches, college fairs, or conventions.

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Traveling Season

Proclaim Ministry Teams travel across the continental U.S. from mid-May to early August. During tour times, discover which group will be in your area by checking itineraries on this page.

Check back in May for Proclaim Ministry Teams Summer 2024 itineraries.

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Although we would love everyone to visit campus, we understand it’s not always possible. But we can send part of our campus to your church or school!

Contact us to learn more or schedule a college representative to visit your church or school. We’d love to talk with you!

Doug Bullock
Doug Bullock Promotions Director